Former Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari is in the news these days. Actually, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie reached Pakistan on 20 September. He has extended a helping hand to the flood victims. Noor Bukhari loved Angelina Jolie’s coming forward to help Pakistan in this way. While praising the actress on social media, Noor Bukhari shared the post, in which she targeted all the celebs working in the Pakistani film industry.

Noor Bukhari’s viral post
Noor Bukhari wrote that Angelina Jolly is in our country. It is a pleasure to see him on one hand and on the other hand he is feeling embarrassed to see the celebs of his own industry. Pakistani celebs are seen dancing in malls and on the streets for the promotions of their films. And now when people need him, he is missing. Apart from Resham and Hadika Kiyani, no one has come forward to help. Celebrity fan followers are requested to stop following these people. This post of Noor Bukhari has created a ruckus on social media.


Who is Noor Bukhari?
Talking about Noor Bukhari, she has been a Pakistani actress. Apart from this, she has also been a director, model and television host. Noor Bukhari has worked in many TV shows, commercials and films. In his entire film career, he has done 44 Urdu films and 20 Punjabi films. She appeared on the big screen in the year 1990 as a child artist. The film was ‘I want moon’. Noor wanted to become an actor since childhood. Noor got a lot of support from the family too. Born on July 3, 1977 in Lahore, Noor Bukhari made her debut in the year 1992 with the film ‘Pyaar Karna To Nahi Darna’. After seven years of hard work, Noor Bukhari got the film ‘Jan Jan Pakistan’ as a lead actress.

The actress went into depression
After a long career spanning 25 years, Noor Bukhari thought of saying goodbye to the industry. In October 2017, Noor said goodbye to the entertainment world. He decided to follow the path of Islam. Actually, Noor Bukhari’s personal life has been very difficult. Noor Bukhari has had four divorces. After the last divorce, former actress Noor Bukhari went into depression. In such a situation, saying goodbye to showbiz, Noor chose the path of Islam.

Giving an interview to The Express Tribune, Noor had told that everything happened with the will of Allah. Mail interest is very much visible in our society. I was upset and also disturbed by my divorce. Things were going very badly in my life. In such a situation, I saw myself moving towards Islam. No one forced me to become the ‘nai noor’. this just happened.


“My divorce was a very sad episode of my life. I had to bear the trauma alone. The thing to note is that no one was ready to understand me. No one was listening to me. I was not in a calm mind at all. I met a female teacher and started praying. Spirituality is something that I have been practicing since the beginning. I have healed the hurt I have suffered from my failed marriage.”

noor bukhari weddings
Noor Bukhari’s first marriage was in the year 2008 with Dubai-based Hindu boy Vikram. Vikram had promised Noor that he would change his religion and follow Islamic religion. But he did not fulfill his promise. Both parted their ways. In the marriage of two years, there were many fights and fights between Vikram and Noor.

In the year 2010, Noor Bukhari married film director and producer Farooq Mengal. After four months of marriage, the two parted ways. Sources also say that this marriage of Noor Bukhari was abusive. Noor was a victim of domestic violence in this.


In the year 2012, Noor Bukhari got married for the third time with On Chaudhary. After five months of marriage, the two parted ways. It is said that Noor also has a daughter from this marriage.

Noor Bukhari had a secret wedding with singer Hameed Khan in the year 2015. Even from the public, both of them had kept this thing hidden for a long time. However, the photos of both of them used to be the subject of discussion on social media. There was a lot of buzz in the media too. Many people believed that both are dating secretly. Many said that both of them got married. On November 2016, Noor Bukhari had given news in the media, confirming this marriage. After two years, both of them got divorced, after which Noor went into depression. Later he chose the path of Islam to heal himself.