Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Discord will integrate ChatGPT and new features powered by AI

discord is the last in jump on the ChatGPT trend after announcing that integrate artificial intelligence functions into your client. The company has plans to improve the interaction between people, so will equip servers with AI to enhance conversations. The first step will be to transform Clyde — the official bot — into a chatbot powered by OpenAI technology.

The new version of Clyde with ChatGPT will be similar to what we see on Bing, although optimized for the needs of Discord. Users will be able chat with the bot in direct messages or invoke it within channels. The company confirmed that Clyde can answer questions and have a conversation with you and your friends. He will also be able to start a thread, recommend playlists or access GIFs and emojis.

Discord plans to become a home for AI and Clyde is the first step. The company will conduct an alpha test with a limited number of servers starting next week. The ChatGPT implementation in the bot It will be free and administrators will be able to enable it in their channels. Subsequently, the test will be opened up to more users as Discord’s engineers fine-tune and refine its AI rules.

Discord with ChatGPT AI on a server
Clyde, the Discord BOT, will be powered by AI.

Anjney Midha, director of the platform ecosystem at Discord, said in an interview with The Verge that they have always had the idea of ​​making Clyde more intelligent and interactive. The bot has been a part of the client for years, responding to special commands or displaying error messages. The explosion of ChatGPT in recent weeks and the advances in AI have been key for the company to decide to integrate it into its platform.

Not just ChatGPT: Discord goes all-in on AI in other client functions

ChatGPT integration is not the only thing Discord plans in its artificial intelligence strategy. The company confirmed that it will improve the AutoMod feature, which automates moderation on some servers to reduce the load on administrators. AutoMod AI will use OpenAI technology to notify moderators when a server’s rules are violatedtaking into account the context of a conversation.

Another striking feature are the summaries of conversations, designed for those who do not spend all their time in Discord. This function will use AI to group message flows into topics; in this way it will be easier to catch up if you are away from the client for a few hours. Conversation summaries fit perfectly on servers with hundreds of users where there is a constant flow of messages. Users won’t feel left out of the conversation if they pause for other activities.

Finally, Discord announced other AI-powered experiences, like Avatar Remix or the shared whiteboard. The first allows you to mix each other’s avatars using generative image models, while the second will add a virtual whiteboard where you can create art through natural language instruction, just like we do in MidJourney.

Discord confirmed that Glyde with ChatGPT and AutoMod AI will be available to a small audience in its initial phase. Anjney Midha is aware of what has happened with Bing in recent weeks and knows that users will try to break the bot once it goes live on the servers. “The only way to guard against that is to build with your real users, so we started slow by rolling it out to a few people and asking for feedback that allows us to tweak and tweak the models,” he stated.

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