Thursday, June 1, 2023

Discord will force you to change your username in the coming weeks

Discord just announce a new change that will affect you. Coming soon you will need to update your username, so it will be better for you to think of another one that is equally unique and original. Of course, this time, without the four-digit discriminating numbers and without the starting pad.

As the company has announced, the new Discord usernames will be preceded by an “@”, just like in other social networks, so the “#” symbol that they had used until now has ended. In addition, there will no longer be case sensitive combinations. The latter is an effort by the company to facilitate the connection to its users, and it is that in most cases people failed to find each other due to the slight variations that could exist when searching for each other.

Added to this detail, most users also failed to remember the discriminating numbers that follow the username. This, of course, prevented creating new connections. In fact, they comment that, with the passage of time, these last digits were making usernames more and more complicated, both to remember, and also when performing a search.

“We recognize that this is a big change,” says Stanislav Vishnevsky, co-founder of Discord. “The process may not be easy and it may be difficult to part with that ‘#0001’ that has meant so much to you over the years.” Nevertheless, the change is intended to allow users to “remember, read, write and share” their profiles in a simpler way.

When will you need to change your Discord username?

Discord username change

As they say on their website, this news should arrive in the next few weeks. When the username change is available to you, Discord will send a notification to your app for you to do the procedure. In addition, the service will give priority to those who have been using the application for the longest time, so they will be the first to have the new option enabled.

If you do not want to change your username at the time you receive the notification, Discord will allow you to use a button to delay the procedure. To do this, you will have to enter the application settings. When the time comes again, the service will notify you once again. Of course, in the press release they emphasize that everyone should take advantage of it as soon as it is available, and that is that “it will be then when you will have the best opportunity to obtain the username you want.”

In addition, Discord takes the opportunity to remember that new usernames will have to conform to the guidelines of the service. That is, it will not be allowed to impersonate groups, individuals or organizations, nor to attack other people or promote hatred. Added to this are users with sexually explicit language. The same will also apply to the names of each person’s profiles.

All these changes come shortly after the company confirmed the integration of ChatGPT in Discord. Likewise, in recent months we have seen the app arrive on next-generation consoles, such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. With this, they seem to be betting on the organic growth of their user baseone step at a time.

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