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Directories with links to enter the Deep Web

It is easy get lost in the immensity what is the internet Not only that. The usual thing is to know a small part of what the internet really is. It is unavoidable. First, because not all online content is accessible to all. And if it is, not everything is indexed in major search engines. In addition, the Internet is much more than web pages. And even if we focus on the world Wide WebNot all of it is directly accessible. Do you know the Deep Web links?

Some time ago I talked about the difference between Deep Web, Dark Web and Dark Net. They are ways of classifying the darkest part of the internet. And that it is not always illegal, obscure or serves illegal or criminal purposes. Sometimes it is simply private databases to which not everyone is invited. But sometimes it is illegal, as happened in its day with Silk Road.

But let’s focus on the Deep Web links I mentioned earlier. Unlike the ones we usually use to access websites like the one you are reading right now, they use another protocol. One that facilitates privacy and concealment of the server that hosts said content as well as those who access it.

What is that about the Deep Web and the Dark Web?

In a previous article I talked about the difference between deep web (deep web) and the dark web (Dark Web either dark net). In order not to go on too long, the internet that you visit daily is what we call surface webthe web on the surfacethe one that appears indexed and available to anyone who knows a search engine or the direct link.

The Deep Web, known as deep internet, invisible or hidden, is part of the Web. And more specifically, the one that is not available to everyone. In turn, it can be divided into two parts. The first is legal and that you surely use several times a week. We are talking about the pages of your bank, your health center or your private mutual, sites with restricted access scientific papers, private forums, private databases and a long etcetera. You can only access this part of the Deep Web if you have the proper credentials. Either a code, a password or a digital certificate.

And within the Deep Web there are an illegal party, alegal or that moves between the two. There are those who differentiate it and those who include it within it. Hence the possible confusion. We talk about the Dark Web either dark net. It is accessed through protocols other than those of the usual Web, HTTP or WWW. And it often contains content that cannot be disseminated normally. Or online stores that offer services and products that are prohibited in many countries.

Tor is used to hide content and facilitate the anonymity of its users through Deep Web links

Which browser should you use on the Deep Web?

The Deep Web has a private part and a darker hidden part. The latter is hidden for legal reasons. Though part of her does too by ideology or politics. And it is in this part of the Deep Web that we are going to focus. For obvious reasons.

If part of the Deep Web is hidden using a different protocol than the usual ones, this means that you will need a browser that supports that protocol. The most popular web stealth protocol is known as onion. Hence, Deep Web links are known as Onion links or Onion sites.

If we talk about Onion we have to talk about Tor. Converted into a name, TOR is actually an acronym for The Onion Router. The onion router. This is software that was released to the public in 2002. Its purpose is facilitate an anonymous network that guarantees the anonymity of both the content it offers and its users.

here are some web browsers that open Onion links or Deep Web:

  • Tor Browser: available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android
  • brave: Available for Windows, macOS, Linux. iOS and Android versions do not support Tor
  • Onion Browser: available for iOS and iPadOS

The web pages that make up this anonymous network are known as Onion links and have the .onion extension instead of the appearance of the addresses that we see on a daily basis. To open them you will need a supported browser like the ones listed above.

Search engines are a way to find Onion links

Search engines to enter the deep web

One way to find something on the Deep Web is to to search. It may seem contradictory that there are search engines with indexed Deep Web links when, precisely, the Deep Web exists not to be indexed. But it is like this.

  • DuckDuckGo: show normal and deep web links.
  • Brave Search: also offers a mixture of Web and Deep Web.
  • torch: More than 1.7 million Deep Web and Dark Web links indexed.
  • ahmia: another exclusive search engine for Deep Web links. It has Web link and Onion link.

Directories with Deep Web links

Next, a selection of directories or repositories of Onion links that will help you to find virtually any service or content you want to find on the Deep Web. Although I have tried to list directories with trusted Deep Web links, there may be some that are not recommended due to their legality.

Access these links at your own risk and with the proper precaution. Do not provide personal information, do not download anything you do not know to be 100% trustworthy and keep in mind that the laws that apply in your country they are also valid on the Deep Web.

  • The Hidden Wiki: is the directory of Deep Web links more popular. It has Web link and Onion link.
  • OnionLinks: other great repository of links. Not all are recommended. Caution.
  • TorLinks: a list with services and content Deep Web. Search engines, online stores (not recommended), hosting, uploading files, information media, forums, etc.
  • List of Tor onion services: Wikipedia compiles a good handful of Onion links of the most varied. Communications, information media, free software, government pages, search engines… Not all of them are active.
  • Onion Links: a brief but original list of Onion bindings hosted on GitHub.
  • The Hidden Wiki: one of the main directories in Spanish with Deep Web links. Search engines, forums, chats, press, libraries, social networks…

Also in Hypertext:


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