Sunday, May 28, 2023

Dinenno does not guarantee his permanence in Pumas

In recent days, it has been rumored that the departure of Juan Ignacio Dinero from the Pumas could be a reality, this due to the strong interest shown by some clubs and the competition within the squad. Given this, the University gunner was questioned by the media and to the surprise of many, he did not guarantee his continuity

Today, the attacker carried out his medical tests for the next tournament and upon departure he took the time to answer some questions, one of them related to his continuity with the capital team

Juan Dinenno

Juan Dinenno of Pumas during the match Pumas UNAM vs Mazatlan FC, corresponding to Matchday 05 of the 2022 Opening Tournament of the BBVA MX League at the Olimpico Universitario Stadium, on July 27, 2022. (Juan Luis Diaz/Juan Luis Diaz)

“Soccer is very dynamic, it is very difficult to give guarantees in this medium. What I know is that I have a contract with the institution, I owe myself to the institution and I have a deeply rooted sense of belonging,” he said.

Faced with the issue of competition and the possibility of another striker arriving, the #9 auriazul clarified that he would take it in the best way and would gladly receive it

“I would welcome him with open arms, just as they welcomed me and everyone else. Anyone who comes to add, welcome, ”she declared.

Another who offered statements in this regard was Antonio Mohamed, the team’s coach, who assured that the plan is to keep the gunner in the squad

“Juan is going to stay with us, that is the intention we have,” he told the media present.


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