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Did Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda affect the development of ‘Starfield’? Your director responds

A few days after one month of its general launch, starfield continues to garner praise. Bethesda’s new game is on everyone’s lips, but, beyond the immediate furor, its creators are betting on making it a lasting success. In addition, thanks to excellent reviews, the studio has gotten rid of the heavy burden that was dragged by the delays and the possible interference of Microsoft in its development.

starfield Not only has it been the most successful launch in Bethesda’s history, but it has also been a lifesaver for the Xbox Series And although the expectation was very high, it generated quite a bit of resentment that ZeniMax Media – the parent company of Bethesda – passed into the hands of the Redmond corporation when work on this proposal was halfway done.

With the game now available, and considering its great reception among the public and the press, Todd Howard, executive producer of Bethesda Game Studios, did not escape the issue. In a podcast with Ted Price, founder and CEO of Insomniac Games, the director of starfield referred to What was it like passing into the hands of Microsoft? and if this had any impact on the development of the game.

“For us it felt very natural. It was a very smooth transition, especially from the development side. These were people (for Xbox) that we were already working with being one of their editors third-party more important. We did a lot of exclusive stuff for them, so that was cool. Obviously, there were corporate issues that are typical when you have to deal with thousands of employees, but everything has gone very well. “They have been great partners and we are very happy with it (for the purchase) and with how the game has turned out,” Howard explained.

starfieldand the impact of Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda

Todd Howard’s comments are, without a doubt, very interesting. On the one hand, because for the first time he refers to how Bethesda dealt with Microsoft’s purchase of ZeniMax Media. But also, because Ted Priceyour interviewer, went through a very similar situation with Insomniac Games, which Sony acquired in 2019.

“When starfield came out, I got great feedback from several of my friends at Sony. We had a great experience with them. We continue to offer support for games on PlayStation. And it is also a reality that there is a lot of external conversation about these topics, although when you are inside it is not a big deal. (…) They ask us a lot about it: ‘Hey, how do you feel about this?’, or ‘Is there a lot of influence…?’. And the truth is that we are still the same people focused on making the best game we can. “Everything else has no bearing on what we try to do on a daily or weekly basis,” Howard added.

Price agreed with the director of starfield and recognized that Reactions to an acquisition are often exaggerated.. “We are all focused on games. The noise around games is always entertaining. But when we get down to business, we try to create the best possible experience for as many people as possible,” said the leader of Insomniac Games.

Regardless of whether or not it affected the development of starfield, the purchase of Bethesda continues to be a topic of conversation in the video game industry. During the trial against the FTC for the purchase of Activision Blizzard, Phil SpencerCEO of Microsoft Gaming, acknowledged that the acquisition of ZeniMax Media occurred to prevent starfield became exclusive to PS5.

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