Sunday, December 3, 2023

Did Kolbe have the right to counter Ramos’ transformation? What the regulations say

Once the transformation has passed, perhaps the French XV would still be in the running in this Rugby World Cup. Defeated by a small point by South Africa, France and Thomas Ramos will certainly rehash this countered transformation by the former Toulon and Toulouse player in the 23rd minute of play.

But did he have the right? Technically, yes, this is part of the World Rugby regulations. The latter states that “all players of the opposing team must retreat behind their goal line and must not cross it before the kicker begins his run or begins his kick. When the kicker begins his run or begins his kick foot, players from the opposing team may charge or jump to try to prevent the goal from being scored.”

Problem, as we see in the images, did Thomas Ramos really start his run-up when Cheslin Kolbe left? It is not easy to affirm or deny this statement. In the mixed zone, Thomas Ramos explained that this had never happened to him. “Knowing that this is my usual routine, I don’t feel like I’m very close to the line of 22,” he explains. “I’ll have to see the images again. As I type, I I feel like he’s on top of me. That’s never happened to me.

Kolbe: “Luckily the referee didn’t dissect the images”

“I burst out and did my best to try to put pressure on him,” Cheslin Kolbe explained to him. “I played with and against him for six years, I know his way of hitting and that helped me.” Did he expect to see the video referee dissect his gesture? “I hoped not,” he smiled. “He didn’t do it fortunately, well not fortunately. Because if he had, I was on the right side of the line.


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