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Diamond studded nameplate in Shahrukh’s Mannat? Gauri Khan came out of the house and told the truth

‘Mannat’, the bungalow of Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan, is in itself a landmark of Mumbai. People who come to visit Mumbai from outside go to see Shahrukh’s bungalow and get their pictures clicked outside. Shahrukh’s stature can be gauged from the fact that for some time now, the name plate of Mannat is also getting its share of discussion.

In May this year, many fans who clicked photos outside Shah Rukh’s house on social media had noticed that Mannat’s name plate was missing. It was revealed in the reports that the name plate was sent for repair. Recently, fans shared new pictures from outside Mannat on social media and in these pictures the name plate has returned. But this time a new thing came in the eyes of the people.

Diamonds studded in the name plate of ‘Mannat’!
A new name plate has started appearing at Shahrukh’s house and it is different from before. This new name plate of Mannat has a great shine and it looks new too. In such a situation, the word also started flying in the air very fast that diamonds are studded in the name plate of Mannat. For Shahrukh’s fans, this new information has become another opportunity to shine the luxurious lifestyle of their hero. But now the new truth of this name plate has come to the fore, which has been shared by Shahrukh’s wife Gauri Khan herself.

Gauri poses outside ‘Mannat’
Gauri Khan has shared a new picture of her on Instagram, which has been clicked at the gate of Mannat. In this photo, Gauri is posing wearing a black blazer over a white top and blue denim. In the photo, his shoulder rests on the new name plate.

Gauri Khan’s post

In the caption of the photo, Gauri wrote, ‘The main door of your house is the entry point of your family and friends. That’s why name plate attracts positive energy. We chose a transparent material with glass crystals (for the name plate) which gives off a positive, mood uplifting and calming vibe. #GauriKhanDesigns. Gauri herself is a renowned interior designer and the hashtag used in her post suggests that she has designed the nameplate herself.

Public is making funny comments
Seeing Gauri Khan posing outside Mannat, the people of social media also did not lag behind in commenting. One user called Gauri the ‘Queen of Mannat’, while another with a laughing emoji said, ‘Ma’am you also get photographed outside Shahrukh’s house. One user wrote, ‘Thank you for the confirmation that these are not real diamonds.’

Comments came on Gauri Khan’s post

Gauri is not only a designer but also handles Shahrukh’s production house Red Chillies Entertainment. This company is producing Shah Rukh Khan’s next year’s film ‘Jawan’. But before that Shahrukh will return to the big screen after 5 years with ‘Pathan’.


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