Friday, December 8, 2023

Diablos achieves a spectacular comeback against Pericos and forces game 6 of the series

The Red Devils of Mexico achieved a vital away win in the LMB playoffs after beating the Puebla Parakeets in game five of the series with a comeback included, so now the south zone series it gets 3-2 in favor of the poblanos.

Said match, which was held at the Hermanos Serdán Stadiumit was kill or be killed for the ninth scarlet, so they quickly went up the board by five runs in the second inning, being Juan Carlos Gamboa the one who led the way by connecting a single to right.

However, at the bottom of the second inningthe locals reacted by connecting a three-run rally and managed the somersault 6-5 in the third inning, a situation that made the panorama gray for those led by Victor Bojorquez.

Despite this, the capitalists reacted and tied the game with a hit by Julian Ornelas in center field. Already in the eighth inning, the Devils completed the comeback with a home run from river ruiz and an unstoppable Japheth Amador.

It should be noted that with this victory, game six of the series will now be played at the Alfredo Harp Helu Stadium this Saturday, August 26 at 2:00 p.m., where the ninth scarlet team will seek the start of an epic comeback to stay alive in the series and advance to the final, where the Yucatan Lions.


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