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‘Diablo III’ will have a single player mode, but do not get excited yet

Blizzard is testing a new modality for a player in Diablo III, in response to fan prayers. The decision is surprising, since the game was released 11 years ago and Diablo IV debuted a few months ago. Despite this, this addition is far from what most players asked for before the fateful Error 37.

solo mode Diablo IIIknown as Only Self Foundwill debut in Season 29: Visions of Enmity and is already available on the Public Test Realm. Far from being a singleplayer without mandatory internet connection, Blizzard proposes this modality as a challenge for experienced players.

“Without the bonus experience of being in a party, or other players to guard your back as you fight your way through legions of demons, this mode will temper you,” says a post on the official blog. This function will disable options like Trade and other multiplayer featuresalthough it will offer leaderboards that require a permanent internet connection.

According to Blizzard, Season 29 and the other components of the patch were designed with the game in mind. singleplayer. Single player games are activated once you select the option Only Self Found on the character creation screen. If you want to add more challenge you can check the box hard corewhich removes your hero upon death in the game.

Patch 2.7.6 will be available on the Public Test Realm from August 15 to August 29. During this period, the single player mode of Diablo III can be used with the Demon Hunter class. Once the period is over, the official patch with the new season will reach all users of Diablo III.

can you play Diablo III No internet connection?

The Diablo III bug 37 that caused Blizzard headaches

One of the constant criticisms of Diablo III (and Diablo IV) is the requirement of a permanent internet connection to play. Although the Blizzard game is in the guise of online gameplay or Seasons, if a person wanted to access the story mode, they need to be online on the PC version.

In consoles things are different, since Diablo III It allows play offline both single player and cooperative. The PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One versions can skip the DRM, but will not have access to all online components.

Diablo III - Season 29

Unfortunately, the new Only Self Found that arrives with Season 29 has no way to be played offline. The option that activates it within the character creation screen requires you to check the box create season hero. For now it’s hard to know this type of game is a true solo mode or A simple handicap for existing users.

Diablo III It is a game with more than a decade of life. If Blizzard ever decides to back off and enable the offline on PC, you will be able to say that you listened to the requests of your users.

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