Sunday, June 4, 2023

DGII collected more than RD$74 billion in April 2023

The General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) reported that in April 2023 it collected RD$74,290.6 million, for 100.3 percent compliance with the estimated total for this period.

This figure exceeded by RD$6,095.4 million the RD$68,195.2 million that were collected in April 2022, for a 8.9% growth compared to last year.

In it semester January-April 2023, the DGII registered an accumulated collection of RD$253,429.4 million, for a 103.3 percent compliance, which represents RD$8,144.6 million above the RD$245,284.8 million estimated for this period.

There was a growth of 15.1 percent compared to the period January-April 2022, when RD$220,232.7 million entered, RD$33,196.7 million above the estimate.

The DGII collected 79.1 percent of the RD$ 93,958.3 million that entered the State through the different collection entities in the four months of 2023.

Contributions by type of tax

The Tax on Business Income and Tax on Assets it registered an accumulated amount of RD$27,229.8 with RD$3,982 million more than April 2022, equivalent to an increase of 17 percent.

Meanwhile, in April the ITBIS collected RD$15,940.6 million with RD$2,091.8 million more than the same period last year for an increase of 15%, thanks to the growth in total and taxable operations.

On the other hand, the Personal Income Tax reached a collection of RD$8,851.1 million, which represents a growth of RD$1,257.5 million more when compared to April 2022 for 16.6%. This is explained by the growth in the number of wage earners.

Through the Selective to Alcohols and Tobaccos the State received RD$2,376.2 million, for an increase of RD$71.6 million more than April 2022.

The rest of the taxes accumulated a total collection of RD$ 14,480 million.


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