Friday, September 22, 2023

DGII collected more than RD$68.6 billion in May

The General Directorate of Internal Taxes reported that in May 2023 it collected RD$68,627.3 million, for 100.5 percent compliance with the estimated total for this period.

If the collection for the month of May of this year is compared with that of 2022, the current period shows a growth of 9.8 percent with RD$6,143.6 million above that in 2022.

For the period January – May, the State collecting entity accumulates a collection of RD$322,056.7 million for a 102.7 percent compliance by taxpayers and RD$8,462.9 million above the initial estimate.

Likewise, a growth of 13.9 percent is registered in comparison with the period January-May of the year 2022 equivalent to RD$39,340.3 million.

The DGII collected 77 percent of the state revenue through the different collecting entities during the month of May.

Contributions by type of tax

Contributions for taxes were headed by RD$18,927.7 million that entered for the payment of the Income tax of Companies and Assets, which had a year-on-year growth in advance payments of 45.3 percent equivalent to RD$2,757.6 million and a decrease in normal payments of 37% compared to 2022.

This is explained by the fact that last May 2, 2023 was the payment deadline for taxpayers with the closing date of December 2022, for the taxpayers who settled in May, RD$6,708.8 million were received for a year-on-year decrease of 39.9 percent.

Collections in May presented an important positive variation in the ITBIS with a growth in taxable operations of 13.8 percent, equivalent to RD$14,604.5 million.

In contributions, it is followed by the Personal Income Tax, which presented a collection of RD$9,832.6 million for a positive variation of RD$1,642.5 million compared to the year 2022 and a compliance of 104.1 percent. This was mainly driven by the growth in the number of taxed wage earners.

The fuel selective registered a collection of RD$6,562.2 million and RD$3963.3 million for Dividend Tax.

The rest of the taxes contributed a total of RD$14,737.0 million


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