Friday, December 8, 2023

Details of the supposed first trailer for ‘GTA 6’ are leaked

The comments around GTA 6 have skyrocketed over the past three weeks. We would even dare to say that at the same level as that leak that let us see the first images of the game in 2022. But… Why? Because the first trailer is believed to be around the corner. In fact, details of the supposed advance recently emerged.

Before continuing, it is important to mention that the information should be taken with a grain of salt. The report, in fact, appeared surprisingly on the forum 4channel. Anyone could create an account and publish anything to generate buzz. In any case, the publication is making too much noise among the immense community of players who wait GTA 6 eagerly

According to the person responsible for the information, the first trailer of GTA 6 will be released next Thursday October 26th. Furthermore, its duration would be approximately a minute and a half.

The trailer would begin with the conversation between a woman and a man. Apparently, the protagonists of GTA 6, which were already exposed in last year’s leak. Their names: Lucia and Jason.

“This city has a way of reaching into your gut and stealing your soul the hard way, you know?” the man mentions, while the woman responds, “Yeah, but who needs one of those?”

He leaker share one list with some of the scenes seen during the supposed trailer of GTA 6. The vast majority are focused on showing us the setting inspired by Miami.

  • There are two race cars competing.
  • Jason drives a boat.
  • A crocodile emerges from the water.
  • Iguanas.
  • Women in carnival clothing dancing on a stage.
  • People falling from a lighthouse.
  • A horse race with the public applauding.
  • A night club with people dancing.
  • A boy runs in his underwear on the street with a snake.
  • People fish on sailboats.
  • Beach party.
  • A lifeguard runs.
  • A wheel of fortune.
  • A young man puts his head in the mouth of a crocodile.
  • Lucia holds a boy.
  • A young man on a long horse slides on the hood of a car.
  • Two police officers eat donuts on the hood of a police car.
  • Police chase.
  • Lucía hits someone with a bat.
  • Fireworks in the night sky.

Basically, then, this person is describing the trailer for GTA 6 from beginning to end. To be honest, it is the type of scenes that Rockstar Games usually shows in a first trailer to introduce the protagonists, the setting and some of the activities that can be carried out in the open world.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to see if the report is true or not. Next week we will clear up doubts.

Last Monday we shared with you certain technical innovations that are now present in the Rockstar Advanced Game Enginethe graphics engine that gives life to Grand Theft Auto. Surely these additions will be integrated into GTA 6.

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