Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Deputies approve to modify the Law of the Chambers of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry

The Chamber of Deputies approved in first reading on Tuesday the bill that modifies several articles of Law 50-87 on the Official Chambers of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry from Dominican Republic.

Between the modifications there is the creation of the Courts of Arbitration and Alternative Conflict Resolution, the chamber specified in a statement.

The Chambers of Commerce and Production may establish in their respective jurisdictions those courts with legal personality, dedicated to the process management resolution of conflicts that arise between two or more natural or legal persons, members or not of the chambers, who have agreed to submit their resolution to alternative dispute resolution methods in accordance with the regulations of the chamber in question .

Other modifications establish that the Court of Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution It will be directed by a management firm chosen by the Board of Directors of the corresponding Chamber of Commerce.

That management firm It will be composed of a maximum of 15 members, who will be elected every 2 years. The designated members will be a president, a vice-president, a treasurer and as many members or other positions considered appropriate as there are remaining members.

The court will have a secretary of the management firm and will be under the direction of a general secretary, who will have a voice, but no vote, in the deliberations of the management firm.

Deputies also approved a resolution through which the organization recognizes Dominicans residing abroad who have promoted activities that “dignify and contribute to strengthening the prestige” of the Dominican community abroad.

The initiative, by overseas representative Ramón Ceballo, establishes in one of its recitals that the Dominican community abroad has assumed a leading role despite language limitations, inclement temperatures, cultural differences and even discrimination.

Likewise, it indicates that recognized Dominicans have excelled in their different areas, and serve as an example to other communities of other nationalities.


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