Thursday, June 1, 2023

Deportivo Alhaurín veterans visit the mayor

V. Alhaurin 2

V. Alhaurin 2
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Joaquin Villanova, mayor of the municipality of Alhaurín de la Torre, and Maria del Mal Martínez, the councilor of Sports, received the staff of the Alhaurin Sports Clubwho will participate in the XVII edition of the ´Vila de Ribadeo´ International Tournament the last weekend of May in Lugo. The entire squad was present at the meeting, including the coaching staff and the club’s president, Juan Puertas. The squad is very excited about their participation in this prestigious tournament for veterans from all over Spain and they hope to win the title.

The mayor thanked everyone for their work in taking Alhaurino football “beyond the Andalusian borders”, he also reminded them of the success of the Alhaurino veterans over that of the National Team, when they faced ´Legends Spain´. On the other hand, the Councilor for Sports wanted to thank the players for their effort and dedication, considering them a role model for the young generations.

The tournament will be held between Friday and Sunday, in the town of Ribadeo. The team was invited by a club from León with which they met in a similar tournament last year, in Las Rozas, Madrid. The president of the club hopes that the team will play a good role, but above all that they have fun and enjoy a weekend full of fun, sport and camaraderie.


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