Saturday, December 2, 2023

Denmark will rule between Costa del Sol and Kobenhavn (29-29)

The Costa del Sol is 60 minutes away from writing the umpteenth chapter of its continental history. Actually, you are already doing it by being in the third round of the EHF European League. However, he now has it in his power to seal the club’s name in the annals of European and Spanish handball. For now, Denmark will be the one to pass sentence after the ‘panthers’ and the Kobenhavn Handbold They will tie (29-29) with time already expired thanks to a last seven meters from the visitors.

The first part could not have left a better feeling. The ‘panthers’ began with the clear objective of dominate the tie in Carranque thanks to that 3-1. On one side of the court were players of the caliber of Silje Petersen. The German took control of the match and began to punish any loss of the Malagueñas (3-5, min. 7.37)without much offensive precision in those moments.

Malaga initiative

The problem for the visitors is that they let Suso Gallardo’s team dance to the sound of Silvia Arderius. The center assumed responsibility from 7 meters, distributed the game wonderfully and caused the advantage to return to Malaga (9-8, min. 18). From there the game changed. Maybe not so much in the result, but in the way of playing.

The ‘Panthers’, with full confidence, not only played against the Danes, but they were better. From the center, from the corners, on the counterattack, in a stopped attack… the goals began to fall in every possible way. Costa del Sol began to create spaces from which to score. Elena Cuadrado and Gabriela Bitolo They set the level at the highest and Kobenhavn could do little there (16-14). If the result was good, the sensations were much better..

The second half began just as it was at half-time. Arderius made the score 17-14, the maximum local advantage. However, Ytting and Jorgensen turned the result around (18-19, min 38.44). The game became a back-and-forth game there. Nobody took off. A short time of respite to prepare for the final fireworks.

tight ending

The first serious scare came 10 minutes from the end of the game. The Danes marked the 23-24. Apparently, a result with no more significance than the inertia in favor of the visitors. The problem is that it lasted until 23-26 in the absence of a sigh, where Skott gave way to nervousness in the Carranque stands.

Sole López scored a key goal in the final minutes. Gregorio Marrero

This time results and sensations did go hand in hand. Coming back three goals against Kobenhavn was the first of the great challenges. To dream of more you had to take that first step. Who better than the López sisters to do it? Sole made it 26-27 (min. 54.30) and Espe did wonders to place the long-awaited 27-27. So I had to live the last five minutes at a sprint.

Costa del Sol and Kobenhavn meet in Denmark to resolve this exciting tie. Carranque was seconds away from giving his team a favorable result, but a seven-meter by the visitors with time already up left it at 29-29. So everything is just as it started. The only thing that has changed is that there are 60 less minutes left because the ‘Panthers’ have once again shown that they have earned everything they have on their own merits.


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