Saturday, September 30, 2023

Denmark-Tunisia match draw goalless

The football world saw a goalless match for the first time in Qatar World Cup. None of the footballers from Denmark or Tunisia who played against each other in the match of ‘D’ group could bring the desired goal to the team. As a result, the match ended goalless.

The match held at the Education City Stadium in Qatar was very one-sided. Denmark football team dominated the entire match. But even that was of no use. Denmark’s footballers could not defeat the Tunisian goalkeeper.

Danish footballers managed to keep the ball at their feet for 62 percent of the entire match. And managed to take a total of five shots along the opponent’s goal. But the desired goal did not come. On the other hand, Tunisia managed to keep the ball for 38 percent of the entire match. And only one with a shot along the opponent’s goal.

(22 November/MM)


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