Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Denmark postpones the closure of three power plants due to the energy crisis

The Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy announced this Saturday its intention to postpone the definitive closure of three power plants until the summer of 2024, due to the energy crisis on the continent.

“The cold days when (Russian President Vladimir) Putin has cut off the gas supply and where the wind is not blowing may lead to a lack of electricity in Denmark for the next two winters. To ensure the security of Danish supply, the Government will temporarily postpone the closure of parts of three Danish power plants.

With this measure, Denmark seeks to “guarantee the security of the electricity supply” of the country during the next two winters, in which it expects power cuts, “especially at peak times, such as cold winter days without wind.”

“This is where the activation of the coal and oil units in the three plants can come into play and help Danes have electricity,” says the letter. Of these plants, two are located on the Jutland peninsula and one on the island of Zealand, where the country’s capital, Copenhagen, is located.

However, the Scandinavian country has emphasized that the aforementioned plants will not be put into operation in the event that there are cheaper and more ecological alternatives on the market.

“It is important to emphasize that the decision does not affect the fulfillment of our ambitious Danish climate goals, as it is a temporary measure,” said Climate and Energy Minister Dan Jorgensen.

The Government has broad support for making this decision, according to the press release made public by the Ministry.

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