Friday, March 24, 2023

Delvis Santos begins a crusade for Samaná, seeks to reduce the price of the toll for residents by 50%

The journalist and leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Delvis Santos, began a national crusade this week demanding that the cost paid by residents be halved at the four toll booths located on the Northeast Highway and Atlantic Tourist Boulevard ( to Las Terrenas).

“It is not fair that Samaná and its municipalities (Las Terrenas, Santa Bárbara and Sánchez) pay the most expensive tolls in the country, despite the fact that the State assumed the debt it had with the concession company.”

He deplored that a tourist from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana (167 km) pays RD$260 on both routes, however embargoes for Las Terrenas cost RD$1,720).

He added that the route from Santo Domingo to Barahona (125 km) the cost is RD$60 on the 6 de Noviembre highway, from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata (166 km) and the payment is only RD$60 on the Duarte highway toll.

Likewise, he compared destinations such as Jarabacoa (103 km) and the payment is RD$60 in one direction.

In this sense, the young communicator and politician understands that even paying the entrance to the province “it is more than enough” to pay RD$860 if the passerby goes to Las Terrenas and RD$460 for the rest of the province.


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