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Delle Alli reveals her traumas: “At the age of six they abused me and at eight I was selling drugs”

Delle Alli was the protagonist of an interview with the former player and now commentator Gary Neville for his Youtube channel ‘The Overlap’. The current Everton player spoke about his football career, his childhood and his problems of mental health, confessions that have not left anyone indifferent.

The English footballer explained the difficult years he has been through recently in relation to the hell he had to go through during his childhood: “At the age of six, I was sexually abused by a friend of my mother’s, who was at home a lot. My mom was an alcoholic. They sent me to Africa to learn discipline and then they sent me back. At seven, I started smoking; At eight, I started dealing drugs. At eleven, they hung me from a bridge. It was a guy from the next neighborhood, a man. Finally, at twelve, they adopted me. An amazing family, I couldn’t have asked for better people to do what they did for me. If God created people, it was them,” revealed the Everton footballer.

Was raised to hang up the boots

Delle Alli was one of the stars of that magnificent Tottenham of Pochettino. The English footballer took a permanent place in the starting eleven of the London team since he made his debut in the Premier League. During six and a half seasons at Tottenham, Alli became a world star proving it with the England team as well. However, at 24 he stopped shining and was transferred to Everton in January 2022. Last season he was on loan at Besiktas and this summer has returned to Goodison Park.

“I’m scared to talk about it, but it’s time to do it,” said Dele Alli, who could not contain tears when explaining in the interview with Neville: “One morning when I had to go train I was looking in the mirror and Thinking about retirement. at 24 years old even though he did what he loved. For me this was something that broke my heart. It was always a struggle with myself in everything. On the outside he was smiling, it seemed that he was winning the battle. Inside he was losing her. If you knew my life you would understand this better. A trauma is a trauma and your body registers it to the same extent. I want to help people to see that they are not alone.”

Delle Alli drank and took sleeping pills. Aware that this was not the path she wanted to follow, one day she asked a rehabilitation center for help: “I decided to go to a mental rehabilitation center where they treat traumas and addictions. I felt that it was my moment.”

The Everton footballer wants to go back to being the one who amazed the world of football and Reveal your bad experience to help those who are going through the same thing.


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