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Defeat of UMA Antequera in Córdoba (3-2)

You had to take a step forward. And she gave up. Only a cruel ending prevented them from scoring points in a very important event. A goal from Viana threw to the ground the good work during the overall match. He BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera character and ability to react when he was twice behind on the scoreboard. When you give everything on the 40×20, all that remains is to congratulate your rival and work harder to achieve the victory that has been resisting in recent weeks. Córdoba struck fast through Perín and Óscar returned the score to equality in the middle of the first half until Muhammad scored 2-1. Back from the locker room, Burrito scored to make it 2-2 and had a shot against the crossbar that could have made it 2-3, which did come in the closing stages in favor of the host squad. Those led by Josan González left with the joy of victory, while those led by José Antonio Borrego “Tete” suffered the bitterest part of elite sport. You have to turn the page and put all your effort and dedication into moving forward with the last four days.

Match of maximum demand and intensity. A regional duel with a lot at stake on the 40×20. You could not fail in making decisions or in the passes or in the completion. Starting with confidence, concentration and competitiveness was essential to always be in contention for points. The good start could not be fulfilled and it was time to react from the 1-0 that came in minute 3. Pablo Ordóñez did not read Óscar’s unchecking in depth and the pass from him to his wing was short. Perín recovered the ball, planted himself inside the area and beat the goalkeeper with a tight shot on the post. The pressure from the local team diminished and the game of the university warriors grew. Little by little they gained confidence and dangerously approached the rival area. Dani Ramos sent a precise pass from Burrito very high after a dropped heel from Quique. An excellent offense that lacked accurate finishing.

Rabbit helped his teammates with high-level saves. Viana was successful one on one and ran into a brilliant stretch from the 16 green after sending a first shot to the post. Enduring had its prize in a race by Dani Ramos to the penalty area where, unsuccessfully, he tried to dribble past Miguelín. The ball stayed loose and Óscar appeared to shoot the net (1-1). The winger from Cuevas del Becerro (Málaga) wore the captain’s armband due to Miguel’s absence with a muscle injury in the back of his left leg. He assumed leadership and demonstrated it with a very valuable target that once again balanced the forces on the field. In the final stretch of the first part, Muhammad came out with a lot of power to attack and beat Conejo with luck. Pope withdrew quickly and only needed to be able to clear a leather that stayed between his legs and ended up in the net.

The formation of the califal city left with an advantage at halftime. It’s a shame not to have been able to keep the 1-1, although Tete had time to analyze what happened with his players and prepare the necessary game plan to face the opponent and reach the final phase with options to score. Burrito fired a free-kick from the edge wide and, a few minutes later, there was a key shot. Zequi received the second yellow card when he elbowed Quique Hernando when the latter pressured him to steal the ball. Two minutes in superiority ahead in which danger was generated, but it was not used to equalize the contention. Daniel Fernández had several pitches just like Cobarro. Neither of them could beat Fabio. The goal resisted in this situation of numerical advantage. We had to wait to see the 2-2 in the light.

Burrito restored hope to the Antequera team thanks to his excellent reading of the game. Viana made the serious mistake of sending a pass inside the area when he felt intense marking and that’s where the experience of the right winger came into play. He guessed the trajectory of the ball and sent it to save without Fabio being able to do anything (2-2). His impact on the stake could have been greater with a powerful shot that hit the crossbar and the post. That offensive, three minutes from the conclusion, would have meant the comeback on a tough track. On the other side, Viana and Jesulito disturbed Conejo’s safety with two shots to the post. Josan resorted to the attack of five with goalkeeper-player and Tete also prepared it, but he couldn’t use it. The defense of the university warriors was spectacular.

The draw (2-2) seemed the fairest result due to the deployment of both Andalusian teams, although the outcome was totally different. Happy for one and cruel for the other. In the final offensive of five, Ismael doubled a pass and, six seconds after the referees’ whistle, Viana shot the visiting goal squad (3-2). Euphoria took over the stands at Vista Alegre. Córdoba World Heritage Site achieved a very valuable victory and BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera left with the excessive punishment of defeat and without any point to add to your box. Next Friday, April 28, at 8:45 p.m., they will receive Mallorca Palma Futsal at the Fernando Argüelles Pavilion in a vital match to avoid falling into relegation places and fill the confidence tank to continue the fight for permanence in the 1st Division.

Data sheet

Cordoba World Heritage Site: Fabio (P), Pablo del Moral, Lucas Bolo, Viana and Perín. They also played: Cristian (P) ©, Jesulito, Miguelín, Muhammad, Zequi, Joaquín and Ismael.

BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera: Conejo (P), Alvarito, Óscar ©, Davilillo and Pablo Ordóñez. They also played: Álex González (P), Burrito, Pope, Dani Ramos, Quique, Cobarro, Daniel Fernández and Barona.

Goals: 1-0 Perín (3′), 1-1 Óscar (14′), 2-1 Muhammad (17′), 2-2 Burrito (32′) and 3-2 Viana (40′).

Referees: Carrillo Arroyo and Cordero Gallardo. Perín, Jesulito and Zequi – sent off for a double yellow card – were admonished by the locals and Dani Ramos, Alvarito and Quique by the visitors.

Vista Alegre Municipal Palace of Sports.


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