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Debina’s condition after second delivery, swollen feet, described pain

Debina Banerjee and Gurmeet Chowdhary are enjoying the new happiness that has come to their home. A second daughter has been born to both of them. Due to this, both the house and life of the couple have come out. Ever since giving birth to a daughter, Debina has been giving her health updates to her fans. Debina had recently told about how difficult it was to give birth to a baby girl. Now he has given a glimpse of the swelling of his hands and feet.

Debina shared a photo of swollen feet

While sharing the photos, Debina told that her hands and feet are swollen after delivery. She also showed a glimpse of her postpartum belly. He told that she is getting better every day. Slowly but surely recovering. Sharing a photo of his belly after his delivery, he wrote, ‘It’s true… The things that don’t kill you, make you stronger. The last few months and days were very difficult. Advice… Physical Limitations… and Procedural Difficulties. I have faced it all. My postpartum belly is on the way to recovery.

Next, he shared a photo with his baby girl’s hand in his hand. He wrote, ‘It was all justified to get my little magic in your arms. I am now stronger and braver than before. Sharing the photo of the foot, Debina Banerjee wrote, ‘Right now my hands and feet are swollen… I am recovering, taking every moment of my time… But I am positive.’

Debina Banerjee’s insta story

First child came after 11 years

Debina Banerjee married TV actor Gurmeet Chowdhary on 15 February 2011. In October 2021, both of them once again decided to marry each other. Debina Banerjee became pregnant for the first time after facing many difficulties. After 11 years of marriage, the couple welcomed their first child on 3 April 2022.

Debina Banerjee became pregnant with her second child just two months after the birth of her first daughter. After 7 months, Debina gave birth to her second daughter on 11 November. While giving the good news, the couple had said that their child has come into the world ahead of time. Also, he had requested the fans to keep blessings on him.

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