Friday, December 9, 2022

Debina Bonnerjee shares daughter’s first photo, writes emotional note, ‘You will be my last child’

TV actress Debina Bonnerjee is enjoying motherhood. A few days back, Debina has given birth to her second daughter. In such a situation, she is taking care of herself and the children. Debina had given a glimpse of her post-partum belly and swollen feet to the fans a few days ago. Now he has also shared the first picture of the baby girl. Along with this, the actress has also written a lovely message in the name of the girl child.

Debina showed glimpse of daughter

Debina Banerjee has shared a very beautiful photo of her with her daughter. In this, she is looking at her daughter with loving eyes. His little daughter’s face has been hidden by a heart emoji. Still, the fans are getting a glimpse of the cuteness of the girl. In the daughter’s name, Debina has written a poem by writer Emma Robinson in the message.

The actress writes in the caption – For my second child. You are not my first child, this is true. I have loved someone else before you. This time I am a different mother. I am more calm and confident than ever. Your arrival has added a new dimension to my life. Two kids now want my attention. At first I was very excited. This time I wanted to take things slow. The first time you do will be my last. You will be my last child.

Debina Banerjee

Fans are liking this style of Debina Banerjee. Many social media users have commented in praise of Debina. A user wrote that he saw the video of the c-section of the actress. The user was very surprised to see him calm in this. Apart from this, many users have sent love to the actress and her children.

Told the condition after delivery

Before introducing the baby girl, Debina Banerjee had told through an Instagram post that there has been swelling in her hands and feet after delivery. Along with this, she also gave a glimpse of her postpartum belly. Debina said that she is getting better every day. Slowly but surely recovering.

Debina Banerjee married TV actor Gurmeet Chowdhary on 15 February 2011. In October 2021, both of them once again took seven rounds with each other. After 11 years of marriage, the couple welcomed their first child on 3 April 2022. On 11 November 2022, Debina gave birth to her second daughter.

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