Saturday, December 2, 2023

‘Death Stranding’ lands on Xbox Game Pass for PC, believe it or not

After multiple clues that pointed to the surprising throwing of Death Stranding on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Microsoft finally made it official. Hideo Kojima’s most recent game, and recognized as a PlayStation exclusive, can be downloaded in the aforementioned service from next August 23. Consider, yes, that it only reaches the variant of the subscription for computers, not the Xbox consoles.

Why is a PlayStation “exclusive” now available through Xbox Game Pass for PC? Well, very simple. Death Strandingin its version for computers, was not published by Sony, but by 505 Games. Therefore, this publisher was free to negotiate the availability of the title on different platforms – both services and stores. Obviously, Microsoft took advantage of the opportunity and surely paid a significant amount of money to add it to its subscription.

After this curious —and to some extent morbid— movement, some players have come to think that Death Stranding it could also land on Xbox Game Pass for consoles. Or, what games like Horizon Zero Dawn either God of War, which recently debuted on PC, will sooner or later come to Microsoft membership for PC. However, neither of the two cases are viable.

The first, because the distribution of Death Stranding on consoles depends on Sony, which has decided to keep it exclusive to the PlayStation platform. In addition, there is no external pressure to release it on competing consoles as happened, for example, with MLB The Show. About Horizon Zero Dawn either God of Warboth are distributed by Sony on PC, and the company is hardly going to give them up to strengthen a rival service.

Death Stranding keep generating conversation

Death Stranding Director's Cut

Almost three years after its launch, Death Stranding continues to attract industry spotlight. In 2019, when she saw the light, she did it because she divided the opinions of the general audience. Certainly, it is a title whose playable and narrative proposal is very different from what we are used to. Definitely, Hideo Kojima’s game is not for everyone.

Later, it caused an uproar by its arrival on PC, as some considered that Sony was breaking its strategy of exclusive releases – even though they were not distributing it. Today, the brand already has multiple titles available on PC, with more to come in the future. Certainly in PlayStation have realized that the PC can become an important source of income.

Finally, we must not forget that Death Stranding already has a version Director’s Cut, which includes visual enhancements and additional content. However, it should be clarified that this variant is only available, at the moment, on the PlayStation 5.


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