Friday, December 8, 2023

De la Torre insists on asking López Nieto for exclusivity at Unicaja Basketball

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, has once again pointed out this Monday that the president of Unicaja Baloncesto, Antonio Jesús López Nieto, could dedicate “more time” to the club if he left his tasks on the board of the Unicaja Foundation.

This was indicated by De la Torre after being questioned by journalists during an act where, precisely, together with the president of Unicaja de Baloncesto, he received the participants in the Maxibasketball European Championship held in Malaga.

However, De la Torre has explained that this Monday he has not had any meeting with the president of the basketball club. “I have had this public meeting -alluding to the press conference-, in which I have expressed myself in laudatory terms towards the club, its commitments and the work carried out by the president to have a good squad and expect good triumphs, good joy for the Malaga fans”. “We haven’t talked about anything else”he has pointed out.

“Already at the time I suggested that, that he could dedicate more time to the club if, in fact, he left his tasks in the Foundation’s board of trustees, but today it was not time to talk about this issue, we have talked about what we have talked about, it is what I can say about the individual”, he concluded.

Last week De la Torre supported the work of the president of Unicaja Basketball, Antonio Jesús López Nieto, at the head of the club in the squad settings for the upcoming season and noted that he “would have more time” for these tasks if he were to leave the Foundation tasks.

“The Unicaja basketball squad arouses enthusiasm and I want to support the work that López Nieto has been doing as president, he has the conditions as a sports manager to do a very good job as president of the club,” he said, while he thought that López Nieto “would have even more time for the club if he were freed from his task in the foundation as patron, but I say it in a constructive and clean way, seeking a fuller dedication to the club”.


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