Thursday, November 30, 2023

De la Fuente: “The classification is good for us so that we all think more about football”

Luis de la Fuente was all happiness in the press conference after Spain’s victory against Norway that gave the ticket to Euro 2024. The coach breathed a sigh of relief after a few months of many nerves in the Federation with the ‘Rubiales case’ and stressed that “it is good for us all to think more about footballwhich is what professionals demand.”

The coach considers that such a brilliant classification “awakens excitement and joy”something that Spanish football demanded: “We excite our fans again. “There is a very good raw material.”

In his assessment of this phase, with the pass achieved with two days remaining, he stated that he felt “happy because The team has grown in an exceptional way. We are a united team that has worked hard to achieve this. “We deserve it and we are going to enjoy it a lot.”

I stop Haaland

Regarding the great marking on Haaland, he assured that “the entire team has been exceptional“although he highlighted the center backs.”They are growing more every day and we have guarantee centers for the future of Spanish football. “They’ve done a great job and they’ve earned it.”

Luis de la Fuente, despite everything, did not want to ring the bells either. “I am happy for the work I am doing. It was our obligation and our responsibility. There will be something when it has been achieved in this way, but football raises you and lowers you. We are in a zone of balance. “I am delighted to live this experience.”

The national soccer coach, Luis de la Fuente RFEF

Oslo is synonymous with satisfaction for the coach, just like Glasgow was a disappointment, the only Spanish setback. From that night she got a positive reading because “In less good situations you learn, as in good ones“. “We had an established script and we continued the same. We must recognize the things that have been done well, but there is still room for improvement“he said with a high degree of demand.

There is still a lot left for the Euro Cup, but for now, De la Fuente is left with the fact that “we have a team with a present and a great future.”. “When the Eurocup arrives we’ll see, but I’m optimistic and I always believe we can be at the top.”

No fear with debutants

Of the prominence that the debutants have had, this time Pedraza, explained that “I know very well the players who can join. There are many players we can choose from. Today we were missing many and others came out at a very high level. We know the players and they reciprocate by performing at their best,” he commented.

0-1. Gavi signs a comfortable victory and seals Spain’s ticket to the Euro Cup EFE

His general assessment was that Spain played “a very complete game. We gave a feeling of dominance from start to finish. I’m always restless. “You don’t know when football can surprise you, but I had more peace of mind because I saw the team very confident.”

As for the hero of the match, Gavi repeated his praise: “Gavi is a fantastic player, an extraordinary boy and I really like him.”. I like everything a lot, even what you have to master. He always contributes with that character and has a lot of quality. He has a future, a present and we are happy that he is Spanish.”


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