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David Humanes: “We have to match the superiority of Málaga CF with enthusiasm and hunger”

The province of Malaga will experience an unforgettable day next Sunday. Starting at 6:00 p.m., in The Mauli, Antequera CF and Málaga CF meet for the first time after 29 years of waiting with a good sporting situation for both, since both are in the Primera RFEF play off zone. David Humanes (Sevilla, 1996), captain of Antequera, analyzes in The Opinion of Malaga the state of form in which they arrive and the depths of the derby.

What a way to debut in Primera RFEF: 4 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses.

The truth is that if. The team didn’t start the season very well, but they have continued with the same work dynamic and now the results are starting to arrive. Let’s hope that we maintain this positive dynamic this Sunday.

For someone like you who has been at the club for several years, is it a dream to have Antequera in the play off zone?

It is something that no one expected, not even us players. When things are done well, when you believe in an idea, in a working method and everyone works together, these are things that can happen.

What does the coach ask of you?

The only thing he asks of us is that we enjoy, that we be brave, a team with enthusiasm. That every weekend we go out to compete for the three points.

In fact, Antequera is the only team that has taken points from Castellón. Is there talk in the locker room?

The truth is that no, it is not something that is discussed much. It was a very nice game we played here at home against Castellón. There were two points that escaped us at the end of the game and we even left the game a little dissatisfied. In the long term we see it as a great point against a great rival.

And now comes the derby, almost nothing…

Yes, a special day for Antequera and the province of Malaga in general. We hope it is a football celebration, that everyone enjoys the game. As for the result, whatever has to happen happens.

What feeling is palpable in the locker room and on the streets?

In the locker room we carry it quite normally, we give it a lot of normality. We worked this week as if it were any other. It is true that in the streets people are very excited. It’s going to be a very, very special Sunday here in El Maulí.

Does the game arrive at the team’s best moment?

Well, I don’t know if we are at our best, but we did arrive at a very good time. I don’t know if we will be better, but the dynamic is very positive.

Furthermore, both teams are very similar in terms of goals scored and conceded.

In the end, Málaga CF is a team that is eligible for promotion, it must be in higher categories. I don’t think we can compare ourselves to them. We have the hope of being able to compete with them, of trying to take the three points on Sunday.

What is Antequera CF better at?

I could not tell. The only thing we try is to characterize ourselves as a team with great enthusiasm, with great hunger, with a great desire to do things well, to enjoy. This is how the results will come.

Maulí will experience a great atmosphere in the derby. IT

What is Málaga CF better at?

A priori, due to shield, budget and more, it should be superior. We have to match it with humility, hunger, desire, enthusiasm to do things well. From there, try to fight for the three points with our idea and our identity.

Each team won one game in the preseason. What can the balance decide now?

They will be small details. The one who is more forceful in the area and takes advantage of the opponent’s minimal errors will be more likely to win.

And with El Maulí full, with a spectacular atmosphere.

It’s going to be one of the most important days in the club’s history. I think it will be a sensational afternoon of football. Hopefully everyone can enjoy the day and we can leave the three points at home.


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