Friday, December 2, 2022

David Gallego, Málaga CF’s next rival, presented as coach of SD Ponferradina

The new coach of Ponferradina, David Gallego, will try to instill in his players “the values ​​of the people of Berciano: humble, hard-working, who achieves everything with their effort”, he stated this Tuesday during his presentation.

Gallego has stated that he feels “identified” with a club that suits him “one hundred percent”, so the agreement to replace the resigned Jose Gomes “was very easy and very fast”.

“I come from a hard-working, humble family, from a mining town,” stressed the former Sporting de Gijón coach, who will initially lead Ponferradina until the end of the season.

Gallego, who will begin work this afternoon in charge of the squad, believes that he has enough potential “to be able to get the most out of a beautiful and exciting challenge.”

Regardless of the scheme and game model that he will use, the coach wants his team to maintain “its DNA and hallmarks no matter what and whatever feeling it conveys.”

He has opted to introduce, as the main variants against his predecessor, José Gomes, a “more vertical, trying to generate more chances” game, although he admits that some of the Portuguese’s concepts will be very valid for him and he will keep them because “starting the game well , there are more possibilities to end well”.

Although he has insisted that it will take time for the players to acquire the new concepts, he will try to synthesize during this week’s work to be “very competitive” this coming Saturday in the field of bottom club Málaga.

Among the aspects to improve, he does not hesitate to focus on the defensive facet, since La Deportiva is one of the teams that concede the most goals in the league.

During the presentation, the president of Ponferradina, José Fernández, thanked Gomes for his work and “exquisite behavior” during his five-month period at the helm of the team, and stressed that it was the Portuguese who requested his departure within the line that he had exposed to “do no harm” to the club.

Fernández Nieto, who has confirmed that the agreement with David Gallego is until the end of the season, has demanded the maximum unity to “go” all together hand in hand, because although he comes from some good previous seasons, humility cannot be lost, the work and the effort to grow and continue growing”.

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