Monday, December 11, 2023

David de Gea could buy Eldense

David de Gea, former Manchester United international goalkeeper and currently without a team, was in Elda on November 6 to meet with the owner and president of the Eldense Sports Club, Pascual Pérez, in order to inquire about the project of the Barça entity. .

According to ‘Onda Cero’, An interest in the goal cannot be ruled out to take over at least part of the Elda club, a great revelation in LaLiga Hypermotion where he plays this season after 58 years of absence in the first two categories.

The owner of the entity, The businessman Pascual Pérez announced at the end of September his intention to put the club up for sale, to take a step aside. Pérez arrived at Eldense in 2019 and with the injection of his company ‘Finetwork’ – also a sponsor of the RFEF and very dedicated to sports – he has put ‘Deportivo’ from Third RFEF to professional football on a meteoric rise.

Thus, the Eldense It is a very appealing snack right now for many investors and the former international goalkeeper met on Monday of last week with the owner of the club to talk about the situation of the team, the project and the conditions of sale.

The cited sources speak of a first contact, although it is not the first time that David de Gea tries to buy a club in Alicante. In 2019, when José Sepulcre put his shares in Elche up for sale, the Madrid goalkeeper was interested but his offer was lower than that of Argentine businessman Christian Bragarnik.

Eldense not only has a good sporting situation today, but also economic stability, without debts and up to date with their commitments.

Next June, if he manages to remain in the Hypermotion League, must carry out a capital increase to reach five million euros. Currently, the share capital is around 1.8 million euros, from which we must subtract around one million euros corresponding to the losses of last season.

Thus, the total disbursement would be around four million. For the moment, there is expectation in the town since Eldense’s future is promising… and perhaps with De Gea in charge.


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