Sunday, June 4, 2023

Daniel Ricciardo triggers Red Bull’s smiles by comparing Max Verstappen to a caricature

The outgoing pilot of Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardocontinues to show his quirky personality even as the team’s third driver, after he decided to make a joke about his teammate and reigning world champion, max verstappen.

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In the clip, you can see ricciardo laughing as she searches her cell phone for a famous person she resembles Verstappen; however, instead of finding a reasonable resemblance, he decided to troll his partner by showing sidthe sloth from the famous movie “The ice Age”.

the joke of ricciardo caused laughter between him and Checo Perez, VerstappenWith a slight smile on his face, he simply tilted his head to the side without doing much, it seems the Dutchman enjoyed Ricciardo’s sense of humor and didn’t take the joke too seriously.

This fun interaction between the pilots of Red Bull It shows the good atmosphere within the team, despite the intense competition on the track. Definitely, ricciardo He continues to make his mark with his unique personality and his ability to make everyone in the Formula 1 paddock laugh.


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