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Daniel Holgado takes an almost perfect victory at the French GP in Moto3

The Spanish Daniel Holgado (KTM) won again, his second victory of the season, by starring in a practically perfect race in it French Grand Prix of Moto3 which was held at the Le Mans circuit.

Daniel Holgado is most world leaderwith 84 points, while Iván Ortolá has 63, the same as Jaume Masiá.

Although the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki (Husqvarna) started from pole position and was the first to reach the end of the straight, Holgado was able to gain the best position to link the first two corners of the mythical French track to lead the racefollowed by the Japanese and with the Brazilian Diogo Moreira (KTM) in third place.

Behind them, a trio made up of the Turkish Deniz Öncü (KTM), the Italian Andrea Migno (KTM) and the Spanish Jaume Masiá (Honda), with Iván Ortolá (KTM), Xavier Artigas (CFMoto) and David Salvador (KTM) after they.

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fast lap pace Daniel Holgado tried to escape from his rivals on a track that is barely 4,185 meters longbut with Sasaki glued to the slipstream of his motorcycle, a very tight first group of eleven riders was formed, in which practically all the favorites of the category were, but from which the Spanish José Antonio Rueda (KTM) gradually fell behind.

Ten riders began to distance themselves from the rest of the main peloton, led by Holgado and which included Sasaki, Öncü, Moreira, Masiá, Ortolá, Artigas, Andrea Migno -who crashed before finishing the seventh lap-, David Salvador and Ryusei Yamanaka (GasGas), with these last three losing some “bellows” but staying “within a shot” of the leading septet.

Meanwhile, behind, the Spanish David Alonso (GasGas), with dual Spanish-Colombian nationality, set the fastest lap on the fifth lap with the clear intention of trying to link up with the leading group after being left off the hook.

Daniel Holgado remained firm leader in the first half of the racefollowed at all times by the “Japanese” Sasaki, while the fall of Migno left David Salvador and Ryusei Yamanaka a little more “cut”, who had to work hard again to avoid falling off the group, an objective that they achieved Japanese but not Spanish.

Thus, at the head was formed an already very defined group of eight pilots, with Holgado, Sasaki, Öncü, Ortolá, Masiá, Moreira, Artigas and Yamanaka, in which none wanted to “attack” who at that time continued to set the pace and who he was none other than the leader of the championship, and one lap later he lost Diogo Moreira when he fell in the final section of the circuit, in the thirteenth turn of Le Mans.

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Sasaki decided to attack Holgado on the next turn, the twelfth, but Daniel Holgado quickly recovered the positionalready with only seven units in the leading group and practically unchanged until the final laps.

On the sixteenth lap Daniel Holgado starred in a small jerk that allowed him to gain a few meters ahead of Masiá and Sasaki, who took action one lap later. He surpassed Masiá to try to hunt down the world leaderwhich heralded, once again, a heart-stopping finish with four outstanding riders from the rest, Holgado, Sasaki, Masiá and Ortolá.

And so the last lap was reached, in which the world championship leader knew how to maintain his mettle at all times and closed all doors on Ayumu Sasaki, who had to settle for second place, ahead of Jaume Masiá, also a Spaniard. with Iván Ortolá in fourth place, ahead of Ryusei Yamanaka, Deniz Öncü, Xavier Artigas, David Alonso, José Antonio Rueda and the Italian Stefano Nepa (KTM), who made up the top ten positions in the classification.

David Salvador was fourteenth and Ana Carrasco (KTM) twentieth.


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