Sunday, December 3, 2023

Daniel Cánovas from Malaga wins the double world championship in natural bodybuilding

The INBA PNBA Natural Bodybuilding gold medal comes home after the feat of Daniel Cánovas, the man from Malaga who achieved the double world championship in natural bodybuilding without doping. The competition that takes place in the United States, specifically in the city of The Angelswas celebrated last November 4. A day full of effort in which to demonstrate that several years of work can lead to an unbeatable result, in what is the most prestigious natural bodybuilding league in the world.

The man from Malaga won the gold medal in two categories: Men Physique and Sport Model. Although these are not the first gold medals he has won, it is the first time he has done so in the elite of natural bodybuilding. In 2019 he was already the first Spanish world champion in natural bodybuilding but within the amateur category. Cánovas is also the first Spaniard to win the gold medal in the 40 years of history it has INBA PNBA Natural Bodybuildinga competition in which more than 60 countries participate.


Cánovas had no words after winning the medal: “Super happy to win gold”. The man from Costa Sol admitted that at first he did not plan to compete, but it was in the summer when he changed his idea when he found out about the tournament and began to prepare for it. He traveled alone to the United States where he had great experiences, like sharing a gym with the legend of bodybuilding and cinema Arnold Schwarzenegger: “it was impressive to train next to such a figure.”

The world of bodybuilding is much more experienced in the United States than in Europe, although Cánovas recognizes that, thanks to social networks, it is a world that is getting closer and closer to Spain. The merit of the man from Malaga increases by not dedicating himself entirely to bodybuildingsince he combines work as a traffic operator and nutritionist advisor and face-to-face, personal or home trainer. “I work all day, but everything becomes more enjoyable when you do what you like most and you are lucky enough to be able to help others.”

Gold medals The opinion

We must highlight the difference between being a bodybuilder consuming anabolics and natural: “Doing bodybuilding without the use of substances requires much more time and dedication. People have normalized the use of substances and have left behind the naturalness of bodybuilding”. Cánovas is in love with this sport and that is why The goal for next year is none other than to revalidate the title and remain at the top of this form of bodybuilding.


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