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Dani Ceballos does not want to be the next Isco

Daniel Ceballos He is faced with one of the most compromising decisions of his life.. The alternatives are not easy and the Sevillian has to think carefully about what he is going to say because the rest of his career and even his future in the national team depend on his prominence in the coming months. Renew in the real Madrid or leave another team to play the 40 games it expects to play per season, that is the tricky dilemma.

the sixth midfielder

On the one hand, he is considering renewing with Real Madrid. The club counts on him in the team’s plans for the future, Ancelotti appreciates him and feels loved by the fans. But reality is cruel and Today Dani Ceballos would be the team’s sixth midfielder. With Kroos and Modric, unofficially renewed, plus Camavinga, Valverde and the arrival of Jude Bellingham, who is taken for granted at the club, the Sevillian would be sixth on the list, only ahead of Tchouameni, for now. And his situation, far from improving, is going to get complicated with the arrival of English.

Ceballos has listened to many people before making the decision. Friends, family, people from his football environment. And there is one thing that has become clear: does not want to become the next isco. The man from Malaga started out as a key player at Real Madrid, and even in the national team with Lopetegui, and ended up relegated to irrelevance in the club and in the national team. To the point that today he does not have a team, despite being only 31 years old.

Dani knows that this renewal of Modric and Kroos will surely be the last, which will open the doors of ownership in the white team, where he is very comfortable. Especially this year in which he has gained some relevance in the squad. But it is also true that in big parties (Anfield, Camp Nou, Stamford Bridge, the Cup final, Bernabéu against City…) has never been the owner. And what is even worse, if this next year he also limits himself to resting the German and the Croatian, his call-up with Spain in a Eurocup year could be jeopardized even though he has a great relationship with the new coach, Luis de la Fuente, for whom he is a fundamental player. But he must be the protagonist in his team, something that he does not do at the moment.

If you are not convinced by the situation and choose to leave in search of minutes, you must also choose between stay in Spain or go abroad. Dani has already been in England, playing for Arteta’s Arsenal, and, as was the case with Isco, He doesn’t like playing in countries with another language so far from his people. They are footballers with ‘saudade’, the earth throws at them and outside their habitat they lose that joy and impudence when they are seized with ‘longing’. Arteta is still interested in recruiting him, Milan asked about him, Newcastle is also attentive and even Bayern probed his situation. But it does not seem that Ceballos is in the business of putting kilometers in between.

Simeone, Betis, Setien…

If you finally decide to stay in Spain, but outside of Real Madrid, he Betis It is the team that has shown the most insistence always for closing his return home. But the Verdiblancos are financially very far from being able to assume the tokens that Ceballos’s status requires.

Ceballos, with the Spanish team. RFEF

This invites us to think that the return to Villamarín will be a more twilight stop in his career. At 26 Dani has been probed by the Athletic in the last few months. It is not the only club that has set its eyes on him. Quique Setién, currently at Villarreal, is a coach who has always praised him, even though they did not coincide at Betis, and Dani fits into the Submarino’s style. It would be a good relief to pick up the baton from Parejo, who is 34 years old. In any case, it is not clear that Setién will continue on the Castellón bench, despite having another year on his contract. The other team that flirted with his signing was the Sevillewhere Monchi will have to rebuild the squad after a disastrous year in the League.

Ceballos has the decision in his hand. The head of a mouse or the tail of a lion, because the head of a lion in Madrid will not be, for now. What the Sevillian is clear about is that he will not become the next Isco at Real Madrid. Hard decision.


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