Sunday, June 4, 2023

Dani Alves will remain in prison for indications of criminality and flight risk

the brazilian player Daniel Alvesaccused of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old woman in Barcelona, ​​will remain in provisional prison after the Investigating Court number 15 rejected his request for release after both the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution opposed his release, claiming flight risk.

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The court considered that there indications of criminality, which includes the last version that he explained, in which he acknowledged the consensual penetration, but that he had not mentioned before for fear of his partner; In addition, the Spanish court highlighted that the statement of the 23-year-old victim has been persistent throughout all this time, while that of the player has been changeable and offered up to four versions.

Spanish authorities pointed out the risk of flight of the former Barcelona player due to his dual nationality: Spanish and Brazilianand his possible flight to Brazil, where there are no extradition agreements and they also stressed that he is facing an “imminent divorce” from the model Joana Sanz for his infidelity.

The lawyers of alves they can file an appeal against the decision of the court to keep the player in prison again before the Court; However, the magistrates have already ratified the prison for the Brazilian due to the solid evidence that incriminates him in the rape and it was highlighted that the investigation is practically finished, so the trial could be held this yeareither.


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