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Dani Alves accused of rape: details of the attack revealed, prison for the Brazilian?

Present to everyone’s surprise in the group from Brazil to Qatar during the 2022 World Cup, Dani Alves is now making headlines for a dark story. The former PSG player is accused of rape by a 23-year-old woman in a Barcelona nightclub on the night of December 30. If at first the Brazilian indicated that he did not know the young woman, he would have changed his version several times, in particular because of overwhelming video evidence according to the Spanish media.

Among the details revealed by the complainant, an intimate tattoo. According to the newspaper El Mundo, the young woman would have identified a crescent moon that covers part of Alves’ abdomen, near his genitals. The young woman claims to have seen him when her attacker forced her to perform oral sex on him in the toilets of one of the night establishment’s VIP lounges. It is in particular because of this revelation that the Brazilian changed his version. During his statement to the judge, the footballer first explained that his accuser threw herself on him while he was sitting on the toilet bowl. But she couldn’t have seen that tattoo covered by his shirt. This is why the Brazilian would have changed his version, finally affirming that he had got up when the young woman entered and that is when she could see the crescent moon on his skin.

What is the evidence?

According to information from Spanish media El Periódico and Globo, camera footage from Sutton’s nightclub on December 30 shows that Dani Alves and the alleged victim remained in a bathroom for around 14 minutes for the victim and 16 minutes for Dani Alves. Biological samples would also prove the presence of the player in this VIP bathroom. As explained RMC, the complainant then went directly to the Clínic Hospital for medical examinations. According to Spanish newspapers, these tests would have detected the presence of semen on her torn dress. A complaint will be filed on January 2.

What is the plaintiff’s story?

According to the various Spanish newspapers, the “victim” and Dani Alves would have danced together that famous evening in the nightclub until the player “raised his hand to his penis several times, which she withdrew frightened” . Around 4:30 a.m., he allegedly asked her to follow him to a door. In the nightclub restroom, “Alves made her sit on top of him, threw her to the ground, forced her to perform oral sex on him, which she actively resisted, slapped her, lifted her off the ground and penetrated her until he ejaculated”. The latter would have tried to leave the bathroom, but was prevented from doing so by the player.

What is Dani Alves risking?

The judge indicated that in this type of case, in the event of a conviction, the story could be settled by financial compensation, but the alleged victim does not want money and wants “justice to be done”. According to the Catalan press TV3, Dani Alves would have behaved in a totally narcissistic way with the judge in charge of the case. The former FC Barcelona defender faces a sentence ranging from 4 to 12 years in prison if the attack is judged as “vaginal, anal or oral penetration” according to the investigating judge in charge of the investigation. Catalonia.


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