Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Customer acquisition, management and loyalty

Now, with this summer and its transfer market in full swing, especially in the teams of euroleague, the very particular situation of our Unicaja makes us focus on other things. Not that we care little if tyson carter either Will Thomas whether or not they are going to wear green next year, but this year has touched the calm mode and the attention goes elsewhere.

This past week the selector Sergio Scariolo gave the list for him world of this summer, a call that, as on all occasions, is debatable, justifiable and debatable, in whole or in part, but as always.

Something common and repeated in the selections are the absenceseach team will miss one or more players who would surely have their place, each one will have some lack that will seem difficult to fill in depending on the matches, and each one with a perfectly valid reason.

With respect to Spainthe absence indicated with respect to the champion group of Europe this past summer will be the base of the Maccabi of Tel Aviv Lawrence Brownplayer, which, to have the little known roots, does not leave indifferent neither when it appears, nor when it is missing.

Let’s be serious, it’s not worth being scandalized now that the compatriot is not coming to play with the group of Scarioloafter having almost carried it on his shoulders last summer is out of criticism, but that the issue of use of the nationalizedit would be necessary to give it a tour here, too.

A lot has already been written on the subject, and although the presence of nationalized players comes from afar, comparing the situation of Lawrence Brown with which in their day they had Wayne Brabender, Clifford Luyk either Mike Smith a universe away

The truth is that, to this day, Spain has at its disposal three players who, in my opinion, have a place in the national team: Nikola Mirotic, Serge Ibaka and Lawrence Brown, for which the government machinery was used to speed up the process and use the option of naturalization by naturalization. That express procedure, a large prize to be awarded by virtue of what can be guessed magnificent services to the country, which will come in the form of any national team tournament. It almost gives a little blush to see in these times that immigration is such a sensitive issuehow people are classified in this or that division by virtue of the ability to score points.

Nor is it about forcing anyone to do what they cannot or do not want to do, but it strikes me that although the FEB He does perfectly well the capture of the client, that of the follow-up and the subsequent loyalty is a little lame, because not only the cases of Mirotic, Ibaka and Brown are debatable, the practice is not limited to the absolute selection. In fact, the Montenegrin player has already been recruited for the lower teams and what I don’t know is if, as rumored, he may end up playing with the team of his country of origin.

A bit along the lines of the case of miroticwhen our Unicaja had the radar of its quarry really expanded, covering almost the entire globe, it was the beneficiary of the same modus operandi in the cases of Augusto Lima, Rafael Luz and Malick Fallalthough its usefulness was limited to collaborating in some regional team championships, not much for the effort made and the performance obtained afterwards.

At the time, the subject was discussed and I said that I preferred honor without ships. All without discussion we want our team to be the best and always win. In fact, having Ricky Rubio next to Lawrence Brown It came perfectly well, but we have already passed the issue of the price to pay. We have not minded putting ourselves at the level of teams that were looked at with moral superiority for doing the same with people like Shammond Williams, Jaycee Carroll either Thad McFadden. We already take it for granted that, after passing his moment of glory to the minister José Blanco “nationalizing Ikea”, it will be necessary to go looking for another one for the Paris Olympicsbecause we have three types that can improve what is there, but are just as unavailable.

Perhaps all this comes because the theme of «National team” it is a business for some and a simple sentimental matter for many others. And of course, since all this depends on the managers, when the moment arrives that they are undertaken or prioritize other lines of businesswe see how perhaps the public does not fully understand the company’s policy.


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