Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Cupra Raval: this is the new ‘cheap’ electric that will be manufactured in Spain

Taking advantage of their presence at the Automobile Barcelona show, SEAT and Cupra have presented the Cupra Raval, its new 100% urban electric, called to be one of the most economical and interesting proposals of the brand. The presentation has been limited, yes, to show the car itself and reveal its name, still having all the specifications pending.

The interesting thing about the matter is that it will be 100% electric chosen to be manufactured Martorellnot before 2025, so in short, and keeping the name of the iconic Barcelona neighborhood, it will be one of its Spanish-made electrics.

The CEO of Seat and Cupra has defined the Cupra Raval as a new generation. An urban, rebellious, and 100% electric car, with its own character and linked to ‘Generation Z’. something more emotional. It is, therefore, that, given its size, focused on urban traffic, it is expected to be one of the cheapest bets in the group, at least in the segment in which it competes.

Cupra Raval: 100% electric to compete in the range of urban cars

As we said, it will not go into production until 2025, so the company still has a lot of room to design a specification sheet with which it will finally reach the market and, above all, take advantage of the acceleration of electrification in order to lower costs and keep the price of the Raval within the competitive segment.

The arrival of the Cupra Raval will also mean a transformation engine for the company. Seat and Cupra will invest 3,000 million euros for its transformation from combustion to electrification and produce electric cars from 2025 based on the platform MEB Small of the Volkswagen Group.

And it is that, since its launch, the Cupra brand has positioned itself as one of the most interesting of the group. According to the company, since 2018, CUPRA has sold more than 300,000 cars, and in 2022, the brand reached 4,400 million billing40% of the company’s total, becoming one of the brands that grew the most in Europe and Spain.

During the first quarter of 2023 there are already 46,600 units sold, 83% more than in the same period of 2022. Figures, yes, throughout the entire range, and not only in its electrified section.

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