Friday, December 8, 2023

CSD slams the door on Rubiales’ ‘dolphin’: Rocha will not be able to run in the RFEF elections

The Higher Sports Council continues to work to erase any trace of Luis Rubiales and his mandate in the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). As El Periódico de España has learned, Víctor Francos, president of the CSD, has made a modification to the electoral law which will prevent candidates from being presented to the Assembly, to its delegated commission and to the presidency of the RFEF who “they incur causes of incapacity, incompatibility, ineligibility or who have been convicted by a final ruling by the disciplinary bodies of federations or national or international sports courts”.

Condemned for breaking neutrality with Villar

And as in article 36 of the regulations for elections to the Assembly, its delegated commission and the presidency of the RFEF, it states that “not any person, Spanish and of legal age, who is not incapacitated or of legal age may be a candidate for President.” ineligibility”, Rocha is automatically incapable of running for election that the Government wants to be held in the first half of 2024.

As president of the Extremadura Federation, Rocha induced the vote in favor of one of the then pre-candidates for the Presidency of the RFEF by signing the document “Letter of support to Mr. Ángel María Villar.” The current president of the RFEF Manager He was sentenced by the Sports Administrative Court for “breaching the duty of neutrality.”

Pedro Rocha, interim president of the RFEF, appoints Montse Tomé as coach. EFE

This last case is that of Pedro Rocha, the current president of the RFEF Manager and the man that Luis Rubiales left in the presidential chair of the Football Federation after his resignation. Rocha has clung to the presidency and was contemplating presenting his candidacy to remain in the RFEF with the support of the presidents of the territorial federations, who mostly supported Rubiales’ ‘dolphin’.

The CSD continues to purge the RFEF

The president of Extremadura is thus left with no options to remain in office after the elections and will be one more on the list of Rubiales’ men who will disappear from the RFEF in one way or another. After the resignation of Luis Rubiales, motivated by internal pressure from the Government and from FIFA and UEFA, the layoffs began. The women’s coach (Jorge Vilda), the general secretary (Andreu Camps), the director of the Integrity department (Miguel García Caba), the communications director (Pablo García Cuervo)… A drip that has not ended and will continue during the next weeks.


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