Friday, September 22, 2023

Crnogorcevic: “Obviously, Spain has a chance to win the World Cup”

Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic She was one of the main protagonists in the post-match between Switzerland and Spain in the round of 16. The all-time top scorer for the Swiss team was defeated by a team with several teammates and friends in a very special duel for her.

“It’s a stick, we’re going home. It is not pleasant, but Spain has played much better and has scored the goals. They have been far superior, but they were also superior against Japan, although they failed to generate and Japan scored on all four of their chances. The best team has won.” Asked if she believed that Spain has a chance of winning the World Cup, she was clear: “Obviously. They have a squad… to go very far”.


Next to him he had Laia Codina talking to other media, and they starred in an endearing moment. crnogorcevic He said: “On top of that ‘Codi’ comes in and scores a goal.” The head office was taken for granted, but he didn’t quite know why he had named it. “Am I talking too loud?” she asked him. And ‘Anamari’ responded, with humor: “You play a fucking game and you score on top of that.” They both laughed and hugged. “No, seriously, congratulations, you deserve it,” said the Swiss.

He also met again Anawith Matthewthe son of Irene Paredes almost two years old, who went down to the mixed zone with Lucy, the wife of the Basque defender. The little boy ran to greet “his favorite aunt of hers”, as they call her in the Barça dressing room, and left with her shirt. A precious moment.


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