Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA World Cup: Big blow to Cristiano Ronaldo amid FIFA World Cup, banned for two matches and also fined

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA World Cup: The world’s legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has suffered a major setback amid the FIFA World Cup 2022 being hosted by Qatar. Ronaldo has been fined and banned for two matches by England’s domestic tournament FA Cup.

Actually, Ronaldo plays for the English football club Manchester United. Recently, he broke a fan’s mobile in anger while leaving after losing the match. While taking action in this case, Ronaldo has been fined and banned.

Will this ban be applicable in the World Cup or not?

According to the report of The Mirror, Ronaldo has been fined 50,000 pounds (about 49 thousand rupees). Also banned for two matches from FA Cup. In such a situation, this ban will not be applicable in the World Cup. This ban will remain only in FA tournament matches.

United was defeated in the crucial match

In fact, in April this year, the Manchester United team played a match against Everton. To qualify in the Champions League, it was very important for Manchester United to win this match, but it could not happen. Everton had given a crushing defeat to Manchester United in this match. Along with this, the hopes of qualifying in the Champions League were also weakened.

Apologized after breaking the fan’s mobile

Just with the fury of this defeat, Ronaldo was leaving the field with his team. Ronaldo was also walking with a slight limp because he got hurt during the match. Meanwhile, while coming back, Ronaldo broke the phone of a fan who was making a video.

After this incident, Cristiano Ronaldo also felt regret. After this, he apologized by putting a post on Instagram. He wrote that I would like to apologize for my anger, as well as I would like to call that supporter to watch the match.

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