Thursday, March 23, 2023

Cristiano and Messi do not understand friendlies and give a show in their duel in Riyadh

After enjoying the Spanish Super Cup last Sunday and the Italian Super Cup this Wednesday, the stadium King Fahd of Riyadh I enjoy one of the great duels that have marked European football in the last decade and that it will be difficult for it to happen again: that of Messi and Christian.

It should be a friendly between the psg and the Riyadh Seasona team with some of the best players in the Al Nassr and Al Hilal, the two best teams from Saudi Arabia. but neither Messi neither Christian They understand friendlies and they spread their enormous competitiveness. And what should have been entertainment for the fans who almost filled the field turned into a fabulous spectacle that won the psg, as was foreseeable (4-5), despite the fact that he played with 10 from minute 39, due to the expulsion of Bernat.

At two and a half minutes, Messi he had already opened the scoring. But that only spurred the pride of Christianwho scored twice, to equalize the goal of the Argentine, and the subsequent goal of Marquinhos, and leave the tie at two at halftime, after neymar missed a penalty.

The numerical superiority encouraged the Riyadh directed by the argentinian Marcelo Gallardo and raised the intensity of a game that still had five more goals to finish. Sergio Ramos advanced to psg (m.52), Jang equaled three (m. 56), mbappe took advantage of a penalty forced by Messi (d. 58) and, after Christian, Messi and his own mbappe They will retire in the 60th minute. ekitike (d. 77) sentenced, althoughtalisca reduced the damage already in the discount (m.90). But the French team more than justified the 10 million they received for the Saudi ‘bolus’.


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