Friday, September 22, 2023

Crazy show at the CMLL Grand Prix

In yet another edition of the tournament that brings together great stars from around the world, he was the native of tepito who won his first win in history.

Although the task was not easy after he had to beat the Japanese in the grand final Kushida and Hiromu Takahashi to raise the Cup.

Mystic - CMLL-Grand Prix 2023

Mysticalwho was one of the most applauded by the public since his entry, had to use his full arsenal to complete the triumph, including a spanish fly and end the mystique against Takahashi.

At the end of the fight, the trophy was delivered by Atlantis, The Satanic and Blue Pantherin addition to being congratulated by the Mexican team, before rocky romero he went to blows and dented the trophy.

“ANDI dedicate this victory to the entire public, it is my second Grand Prix, and it fills me with pride to raise it again… and I send a message to Rocky Romero that I want a one-on-one, either here or in Japan, to show him that I am the betterr” he said in a chat with the media.

Mysticalwhich binds to the list of items like Rayo de Jalisco, Last Warrior and Son of the Saint as winners, joined Averno, Guerrero, Volador Jr, Golden Mask, Golden Angel, Templar and Red Dragon.

While the international team also featured Adrian Quest, Rocky Romero, Samuray del Sol, TJP, Francesco Akira and Baliyan Akki.

A defense from predators

For his part, Magnus and Roar managed to retain the national couples championships after defeating Akuma and Espanto Jr..

The predators showed a great attitude before one of the most dangerous dumbbells of the rosterbut with a great combination, they took the win,


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