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Coworking is gaining ground in the Dominican Republic

He coworking, known as collaborative work, is an office service that companies and entrepreneurs rent to carry out their activities and contact clients, among other tasks. If the costs involved in renting a shop, it is more economical to opt for one of these positions. For this reason, this alternative is gaining more ground or preference every day, mainly among entrepreneurs.

In Dominican Republic The number of companies with this work scheme amounts to 20, according to a survey carried out by elDinero. The establishments that have this work scheme are: Chez Space, Pyhex, La Mochila, 2Work, Thrive Dominican Republic, Team work, Freeworking Do, Spirit coworking, Bwork, WeConnect, Regus, Smart Office, The Box Working Space, Spatium, Acerh Work Café, Kuarzo, Tinkko, Villa Olga Business Center and Media Center.

This working modality It can be translated as an opportunity for entrepreneurs who do not have enough income to pay for what renting a place implies. And no wonder, according to the World Bank (WB), in 2021 the 46.6% of the population corresponds to independent workers.

As it is the convergence of various collaborators and entrepreneurs in the same place, it is also an environment that favors relations between companies.

Scleirin del Rosario, user of the coworkinglearned about this methodology through social networks and ensures that this is an optimal space to make professional connections, although not so affordable for new entrepreneurs.

Del Rosario, an independent worker, indicates that she attends three to four times a month and pays US$30 per day, which means an expense of US$90 or US$120. Some of the advantages that she highlights are the location and good work environment.


The bills involved in renting a premises are multiple, from rent, water, energy, internet and cleaning to technical support. For this reason, the coworking could be synonymous with a solution to lower costs.

For a work group of four members, on average, a coworking space can cost US$1,000, plus taxes. | External source

This work system, in addition to offering the basic services, has meeting rooms so that companies that do not have this space can present their projects to potential clients or among collaborators. Likewise, some establishments allow their users to receive executives in their rented space in case they have to address a topic or sign a contract.

Other services that they provide in their packages are the use of lockers, virtual offices, prints and receive mail. However, in their basic portfolio catalog most do not include work tools such as computers.

The form of payment is different depending on the establishment that the client chooses. There are places that use a kind of coins that clients buy and are equivalent to one hour in the space you want to rent, whether it is an open or closed office. This is the case of Tinkko.

They have everything in one bill, with the flexibility to grow or look for us to adapt to your needs as much as possible. We join what can be a facilitator for the development of the business market in the country”, explains the co-founder of the company, Juan Esteban Vásquez.

The company has a capacity to receive 200 employees. Vasquez explains that the coworking offers four solutions: a desk with its chair and dedicated drawers (file cabinets) in open spaces and closed-door offices. In addition, there is the option of flexible desks on demand, where there is no assigned chair, but you can pay by the hour and choose the desk you want. The coworking They vary in their schedules, some are from Monday to Saturday and others include Sundays and holidays.

The establishments indicate that the cost of a day trip is US$28, on average. The prices of the different plans range from US$25 to US$800 depending on the client’s request. This is influenced by factors such as: the type of job (open or closed), the number of people, the frequency and the location.

Other ‘coworking’ concepts

Centro Media is a company that has been in the market for one year and promotes a concept of rent Spaces for training and corporate events.

“The idea came to calm a headache that human resources managers had who did not have a place where they could carry out their training,” says the general manager, Jessica Castillo.

The executive explains that the place has 15 rooms that has the capacity to receive from 14 to 180 people.

According to a newspaper poll the moneythe prices of these spaces vary depending on the size of the room, the number of people and the time in which it is going to be used.

A average cost It’s $60 per hour. Almost a third of Dominicans consider themselves to have an entrepreneurial spirit, so the creation of these places is opportune for the entrepreneur or businessman who is going to launch a product and does not have a space to invite people.

In addition, it allows companies that want to train their staff to do so. Services such as screens, sound and microphone are integrated into the rent. The place is adapted to the theme of the training or event carried out by the person who rents the space.

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