Sunday, June 4, 2023

Court reserves ruling in Cormidom case

The Labor Court of the Judicial Department of The Vegawhich seeks to declare the illegality of the strike of the Union of Workers of the Cerro de Maimón Mine (Sitracema) learned of the fund and reserved the decision to make it known within a period of five days.

While the legal representative of Cormidom, Miguel Valerio expressed that the company Dominican Mining Corporation (Cormidom) advocated that the Dominican Republic maintain respect for the laws and legal certainty.

Valerio declared: “From the beginning, Cormidom has been betting on the respect and application of the laws in the Dominican Republic. We are confident not only in Dominican justice but in its speed. Every day that the closed company passes affects not only the income of the workers, but also the company, the suppliers, the community and the Dominican State.”

In this sense, he added that “we hope that the decision of this court is favorable and sets a precedent in terms of respect for the Labor laws in the country”, Valerio stated: “Today he appeared before the Court of Appeal of La Vega to re-establish the illegality of the strike and its legal consequences. It is a strike, by all accounts, it violates all the procedures of the Work code”, he stated.

The jurist indicated that, in his opinion, the court will ratify the previous sentence of Wednesday, May 17, when it ordered the reinstatement of the workers to their work in the mine

Valerio reported that “if the court decides correctly, legal certainty will be restored in the Dominican Republic because here it is basically an irregular act; the strike was carried out illegally, since the Work code establishes the procedure and the union did not comply with it, which was irrefutably demonstrated in court.”

For her part, the lawyer Yipsy Roa indicated that “actions were carried out that paralyzed the work of the company and there was a distrust of shareholders in investment in the Dominican Republic.”

Martín Valerio, also from the defense bar, added that “Cormidom’s directors are carrying out all the necessary actions to reestablish the confidence of the shareholders and at the same time preserve the facilities of the minesince we must remember that the physical safety of the employees and the mine was put at stake”.

The company’s defense team was made up of the lawyers, Yipsy Roa, Martín Valerio, Miguel Valerio, Juan Moreno and Sebastián Urraca.


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