Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Costa del Sol Málaga welcomes Elda Prestigio with the desire to close a month full of triumphs

The Balonmnao Costa del Sol Málaga receives Elda Prestigio at its home at 6:00 p.m., a historic club in Spanish handball that is back in the elite this season. A match in which the Malaga team want to close an October with plenty of victories, which would reflect the growth of Suso Gallardo’s team. The objective is to face November with the incentive of achieving a historic pass to Europe. Elda is in a delicate moment, since they only have one victory that they achieved on the first day.


This Saturday is the first of three meetings that have a seven-day stretch. Against Elda Prestigió it will be the only one of the three that Costa del Sol Málaga will play at home. It will not be available against the Eldenses Rocio Campigli, since he is with Argentina in the Pan American Games. Chema Vives will not be able to count on Fernanda Lima and Sofia Rivanedeira.

Sara Bravo at a launch The opinion

“At home we have to become very strong, it is true that a newly promoted team is coming in that is not going through its best moment, but against Bera Bera gave its best image and is capable of fighting the matches. The points are always worth the same, the important thing is to add two by twostrengthen the group and climb positions in the classification,” says Suso Gallardo.

Good moment for the “Panthers”

“At the level of results, surely, as a result of the Super Cup, we demonstrate a high level. The team picked up cruising speed and is slowly settling down. We put together the new pieces and recover players like Sole, who is an important stronghold,” adds Gallardo. “We only have to think about Elda. Next week it is true that it is very hard because there are two away games with two long trips, we are going to Galicia and the Canary Islands. Two very complicated rivals and more so in their own field. You have to go little by little, game by game, We know it’s going to be difficult but we have to get those six points before the European qualifying round,” says the coach.


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