Friday, December 8, 2023

Costa del Sol Málaga survives to continue adding against BM Porriño (17-15)

He had a tough test before to finish the first round of the Iberdrola Guerreras League and he overcame it. Not without difficulties, he overcame, with a very low score, Conservas Orbe Rubensa Porriño (17-15). At the break for the World Championship, which coincides with the halfway point of the regular competition, he leaves third with nine wins and two setbacks and in the top zone. He now has to dream in Europe.

Little success in attack

The start was a nightmare, with the goals blocked. The first goal for the “panthers” was scored by Isa Medeiros in the eighth minute, which gave a reliable image of the poor offensive performance. The score was 1-1, with the Galicians also with the blinds down. The scores were ground gold, they fell in dribs and drabs. In that situation, and with shots that didn’t even find the goal, the goalkeepers did shine. Merche Castellanos and Ana Palomino linked interventions and the leading role fell on their shoulders. Suso Gallardo’s men took command, although there was no further march to open a gap. At halftime, 8-7.

Second part

At the restart there was a threat of a breakaway from the Malaga team, who made it 13-10 through Sole López. Ismael Martínez stopped him because the difference was high considering the score of the night. And it cost him dearly because his team soon cut back so that the local coach was now the one to call a timeout (13-12). There the level of the panthers went up a notch, as they went to the maximum with Espe López shining (16-12). An exclusion was another blow to the wheels and it was going to be difficult to close the duel. Merche Castellanos appeared and closed her three suits to finish with 15 interventions for an outstanding performance.

Now, Europe

A victory worked until the last breath for two very important points to reach the middle of the regular phase among the best in the Iberdrola Guerreras League. Now it’s time to look into the eyes of one of the moments to remember in the history of the panthers. The group stage of the EHF European League is 60 minutes away. That’s a lot to say. The København Håndbold is the last obstacle, on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. in Copenhagen. Time to dream. Time to believe. Time to enjoy. It is time for the champion gene of Costa del Sol Málaga


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