Monday, December 11, 2023

Costa del Sol Málaga returns to the League in Granollers with Sole López already recovered from her injury

Return to competition for Costa del Sol Málaga, which completed a notable first stretch of competition. Now the “panthers” face a month of hard work before the World Championship. The route begins in Granollers this Saturday at 4:15 p.m. The Malaga team visits KH-7 BM Granollers with the idea of ​​continuing with the bullish dynamic it had, which had caused it to achieve six victories. And it will do so with the return of captain Sole López.

Image of a training. The opinion

complicated trip

The expedition led by Suso Gallardo is already in the Catalan city, which crossed the Spanish geography by bus and this Friday trained at the Palau D’Esports in Granollers. “It is a complicated, hard and long journey and a team that is regular to us,” the coach explains in the preview: “It has a great first line, many resources and a goal that is always at a spectacular level. Due to their characteristics, they are a team that is regular to us. A first line with outside shooting, one on one, good play with a pivot… He is very complete, maybe he is not getting all the results that were expected of him, but surely in his field it is going to be very, very complicated.

Undefeated rival in their pavilion

The Catalan team has a balance of three wins and three losses and still does not know what it means to lose at home. In their squad there are players who unbalance such as Giulia Guarieiro or Ester Somaza, in addition to others who are performing at a good level such as Marta Mera or Cristinia Polonio. This week Ana González said goodbye to the team, who is leaving handball practice for personal reasons.

Silvia Arderius, in training The opinion

Even so, it will be a complex obstacle for the people of Malaga. «The break has been good for us to recover players and have a little rest, mentally too, after a crazy month of September. We have to put on our overalls again and continue with that dynamic that we left so positive. The team was going like a shot and has to continue like this. We also recover players like the captain, which is important. You have to add two by two and it is the key to continue in the league like this,” analyzes the coach.

Sole López, back

A month later, Sole López is back, who was injured in the Iberian Super Cup. A vital return for the left winger. «Not only sportingly. On the court we know what he brings, but as captain what adds up was as a leader of the group. He is someone that we always want to have around, that everyone feels that way and he is an added confidence for everything that comes now », concludes Suso Gallardo. Costa del Sol Málaga is back, which has a very difficult test ahead of it in Granollers.


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