Sunday, May 28, 2023

Costa del Sol falls in Elche and will have to overcome the final in Malaga (24-23)

The Costa del Sol Málaga, forced to come back at home. And twice. Those of Suso Gallardo fell in Elche in the first game of the final series of the league Iberdrola warriors (24-23) and now they will have to win two games in a row in Carranque to win the title. Sunday (6:00 p.m.) they have to overcome those from Rocamora to force the third and final clash, which would be played on the same floor three days later.

Iron defense from the beginning of the malagueñas. Merche Castellanos added from the goal in the early stages. Also Virginia Fernández, who went out for the 7 meter and stopped it (1-1). Silvia Arderius led the attack in those of Suso Gallardoe Isa Medeiros placed them ahead for the first time in the match after 7 minutes (2-3).

The tension and nerves typical of a final were noticeable. Game with few goals and maximum equality so far: 4-4 after 13 minutes of the game. Nicole Morales, goal of the Elche, began to play balls. She cost an world to convert. Suso Gallardo emptied the goal to try to improve offensive productionBut neither did the Costa del Sol find their way easily. Joaquín Rocamora’s team led 6-4, halfway through the first half.

The Malaga team now took advantage of a suspension to equalize the clash with a 2-0 (7-7). The game got stuck again, 4 minutes without goals in any goal. The figure of Merche Castellanos grew at times and María Pérez once again put the Malaga team ahead (7-8). Now it was Elche who took advantage of a numerical superiority to return to commanding the game (9-8). And in the same way he managed to turn the Costa del Sol team around again (9-10). That exchange of blows ended with a draw at halftime (10-10).

The second half began with those of Gallardo with a numerical inferiority of 1.15. The equality continued after intermission. Arderius put the Costa del Sol ahead from 7 meters (12-13). The match continued along the same lines, an absolute scoring drought on both sides of the court.

Elche win the first battle of the final of the Iberdrola Warrior League. Costa del Sol Malaga

The clash entered tied at the last 20 minutes (14-14). Nicole Morales bolted her goal and that allowed those from Rocamora to get two up. He had to stop the bleeding Suso Gallardo in the middle of the second half (16-14). With both teams with a player excluded, Espe López and Isa Medeiros again equalized the contest (17-17). And Estela Doiro extended the set and completed the comeback (17-18).

tight ending

A heart attack ending was coming. Medeiros tied the game with less than 8 minutes to play (19-19). He raised the scoring pace in this decisive section. The film was very uphill for those of Suso Gallardo. Do Nascimento made it 22-20 with less than 4 minutes to go. And the Brazilian sealed the match with another goal from the winger (23-20). Costa put it 23-22 at the last minute, but it was too late. In the end, 24-23.

The second battle of this very final for the title will be held this Sunday, May 28, starting at 6:00 p.m. in Carranque. If the malagueñas equalize the series, a third and final match will be played on the same stage, Wednesday 31 at 8:30 p.m. The Costa del Sol, forced to two consecutive victories to lift the league trophy.


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