Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Costa del Sol falls and loses advantage for second place

A month later the Costa del Sol Málaga returned to Carranque and could not celebrate with a pavilion that was full. He missed the icing on an atmosphere of pure handball. The “panthers” fell to Atticgo BM Elche (26-28) in a hectic duel that tightens the fight for second place in the Iberdrola Guerreras League. The mattress of those of Suso Gallardo, who are still marching after the Super Amara Bera Bera, has disappeared. Now expect a demanding week with a visit to Grafometal La Rioja in Logroño, and then face Gijón at home.

The women from Elche took the first advantage with Alexandra do Nascimento, who made the difference and demonstrated her inexhaustible talent. The Brazilian stretched to 1-3. The team led by Suso Gallardo soon picked up the pace, who with the energy of Espe López picked up speed and took command (9-7). At that time, Mara Garre, goalkeeper of Antequera Costa del Sol, made her debut at the age of 19 in the Division of Honor. Joaquín Rocamora stopped it at 10-8 and the match went down in a fist at halftime (12-11).

Clara Gascó appeared and turned it around after going through the changing rooms (13-14). Atticgo BM Elche was now firmly on the track and set off the first alarm with a goal from Van Zijl (17-19). By that time it was already the game for the goalkeepers, Merche Castellanos and Nicole Morales were protagonists under the sticks. Both finished well above ten stops. Silvia Arderius took the meeting by the lapel and offered a magisterial version. The Madrilenian scored to allow her to continue with some pulse. It was Sara Bravo who matched it from seven meters (24-24). In addition to some very debatable arbitration decisions, the Elche had more success.

In this exchange of blows, the visitors benefited, who put the finishing touch with Alexandra do Nascimento. Important victory for Atticgo BM Elche, which greatly compresses the fight for second place. Right now it continues in possession of the “panthers”, who see how they have four teams behind at one point until fifth. Five days remain until the end of the regular season, which will be high voltage. Next week, double exam for Costa del Sol Málaga. He will have to row hard again if he wants to be second. The prize is big.


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