Friday, September 22, 2023

Costa del Sol-Elche: win to continue in the fight for the League

Tremendous test of faith that the heart of the ‘panthers’ faces this Sunday. The Sunshine Coast Malaga He doesn’t want to write the full stop to his season so quickly. He still wants to play 120 minutes of handball and for that he is very clear about what the first step should be to continue dreaming of the only title that he does not have in his showcases: win, win and win. There’s no more. So have it all this Costa del Sol-Atticgo Elche (6:00 p.m. / Teledeporte) to fall in love again as much or more than the first meeting.

The accounts are very clear. There is no need to attend to the difference of that 24-23 in Elche lands or anything. If the ‘panthers’ want to continue competing for the Iberdrola Warrior League trophy, they must emerge victorious this Sunday. From 1, 5 or 16, it doesn’t matter. However, a defeat would mean that the fight would already be sentenced and that the title would go to Joaquín Rocamora’s.

The good news is that you need to bring out your best version in front of your fans. He is going to do it in Carranque, in a packed pavilion and with an atmosphere worthy of a league final where everything is at stake. There may be doubts about what adjustments Suso Gallardo includes after the first meeting, but not that they are capable of releasing the version, despite the losses of Sole López and Gabi Pessoa, which has made them win so much in recent years.

For now, Elche has already given the first blow. After defeating, and well, the almighty Super Amara Bera Bera in the semifinals, They managed to beat the ‘panthers’ on their track last Thursday by a single goal difference. It is the perfect summary to refer to the great game that could be seen between two teams that left everything. They know that the opportunity is brilliant without the great candidate and that the premiere of this new format gives them wings to dream of achieving glory.

Espe López, in the first game in Elche. The opinion

The equality between the two was absolute. Not even Silvia Arderius, with nine goalswas able to lead his team to victory because against Nicole Morales raised an unbreakable wall. Even so, the difference was a single goal. So as soon as the malagueñas adjust some attacks, the game is there.

Carranque, local fortress

Now, Elche knows that their great opportunity is this Sunday. They are going to come to Malaga with less pressure, it is true, because they do not have the obligation to win that the Costa del Sol does have to continue in the fight for the title, but they are very aware that giving lives to the ‘panthers’ in a third game in front of their fans would be a complete mistake. So they are relieved, yes, but with the responsibility of knowing that it is in this first meeting in Malaga where they have their great opportunity to win the Iberdrola Warriors League trophy.

So 60 exciting minutes are expected. The Costa del Sol already knows that they have it in their hands and that in front of their fans everything is easier, but the wall with which they are going to find is going to want to avoid that after the game we are talking about Wednesday. And that is the great opportunity.


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